Trump Locked on All Caps in Rambling “Fascist Monster” Rant Aimed at January 6th Committee “ILLEGALLY DELETED & DESTROYED ALL EVIDENCE & FINDINGS!”

Former President Donald Trump was in the spotlight again when he ranted against the January 6th committee investigating the Capitol riots. Here’s the whole story.

“Fascist Monsters” Rant

Trump took to his Truth Social platform to express his dissatisfaction with the situation and raised questions about the investigation.

In a fiery post on Friday, September 8, Trump voiced outrage over what he termed “Fascist Monsters” going after Peter Navarro.

Trump wrote, “I can’t believe that these Fascist Monsters have so viciously gone after the great Peter Navarro for defying the totally partisan January 6 Unselect Committee of political Hacks and Thugs, who refused to go after Crazy Nancy Pelosi and the reasons she and the Mayor of D.C. REJECTED 10,000 soldiers, which would have easily stopped any future security problem.”


“His testimony wouldn’t have mattered, anyway, because the ‘Committee’ QUICKLY and ILLEGALLY DELETED & DESTROYED ALL EVIDENCE & FINDINGS!” he added.

In a follow-up post, Trump opposed that the committee had concealed evidence and findings.

He wrote, “There was MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, evidence and findings that the Unselect Committee DID NOT WANT SEEN.”

“Only China is Celebrating”

“This deleted and destroyed evidence is a big part of my defense and the defense of many others,” he continued.

“They should be the ones who are prosecuted, not Peter Navarro who, by the way, was [the] single greatest trade negotiator against China, who paid the U.S. hundreds of billions of dollars during the Trump Administration (never paid ten cents before us!).”

“Only China is celebrating the Navarro conviction!” he concluded.

An Unsurprising Verdict

While the news of Peter Navarro’s contempt conviction made headlines on Thursday, September 7, Navarro appeared unsurprised by the verdict.

Speaking with reporters outside the courthouse, he said, “Look, I said from the beginning this is going to the Supreme Court. I said from the beginning I’m willing to go to prison to settle this issue, I’m willing to do that … President Trump has been a rock in terms of assistance. We talk when we need to talk.”

Crazy Calling Out Crazy

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident. One user wrote, “Trump calling ANYBODY crazy is about as stupid as the man himself.”

Another user added, “Fascist monsters? He is a fascist. I find it amazing that he pinpoints traits in others that he himself is guilty of.”

A third user commented, “Nancy Pelosi didn’t attack the Capitol, injure police officers, or resort to illegal means to attempt to overturn the 2020 election. Look at the man in the mirror.”

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