What Do ‘China, Letitia James and Forbes’ All Have in Common? Tantruming Trump Lashes Out After Exclusion From ‘Wealthiest People’ List

Former President Donald Trump has fired back at Forbes magazine after the publication dropped him from its coveted list of the 400 wealthiest people in the US for the second time in three years.

Trump Demands Forbes Apology

In a scathing post on his social media platform, Truth Social, Trump demanded a full apology from the magazine, calling out what he perceived as biased reporting and alleged collaboration between Forbes and his legal adversaries.

Forbes, a prominent financial magazine known for its annual ranking of the wealthiest individuals, released its updated list last week, indicating that Trump’s net worth had plummeted by $600 million compared to the previous year. 

This exclusion marked a departure from Trump’s consistent presence on the list since the 1990s, with the exception of 2021.

Trump’s Wrath Unleashed

In response to his omission, Trump lashed out at Forbes, criticizing the quality of the reporting and accusing the magazine of assigning writers to “hit him hard.” 

Despite facing a daunting 91 criminal charges and various civil threats, Trump took the opportunity to boast about his substantial leads in Republican presidential polling, underlining his enduring influence within the party.

In his post, Trump specifically targeted Forbes writer Dan Alexander, labeling him a “third-rate psycho writer” and claiming that Alexander had authored “many false and libelous articles” about him. 

Forbes Writer Responds

In response, Alexander, a senior editor at Forbes and the author of the book White House Inc: How Donald Trump Turned the Presidency Into a Business, challenged Trump to identify any inaccuracies in his work. 

Writing on X, he said, “Hey Donald Trump, if you want to point out a single false fact in any of the articles I’ve published about you – or in the book I wrote about you – feel free. In the meantime, I’m going to keep reporting – and carefully fact-checking every word I publish.”

Trump Suggests Forbes and Letitia James Collaboration

The timing of Trump’s tirade against Forbes raised eyebrows, as it coincided with the submission of fact-checking emails related to his net worth in a New York state civil trial involving alleged business fraud. 

Journalist Adam Klasfeld noted that Trump’s attack on Forbes came just hours after the entry of these fact-checking records into evidence during the trial.

In a bold assertion, Trump alleged that Forbes had collaborated with Letitia James, the Democratic attorney general of New York state, who had previously filed a lawsuit against Trump, his adult sons, and his business ventures. Although there has been no confirmation of these claims, they have fueled the fire of Trump’s criticism.

China’s Role in MAGA

Additionally, Trump claimed that Forbes was “owned by the communist Chinese Government” and insinuated that China was attempting to undermine MAGA. 

He ended his post by writing, “Forbes, a Globalist “Rag,” is a propaganda play against TRUMP. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

As the demand for an apology continues, Trump’s absence from Forbes’ wealthiest list and the allegations surrounding his net worth are generating significant buzz. 

Whether Forbes will respond to Trump’s demands remains uncertain, but the incident underscores the ongoing tension between the former president and, as he terms it, the “lamestream media.”

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