Trump Mocks Trans Women and Promises He “Will Keep Men Out of Women’s Sports”

In a rally in New Hampshire, Donald Trump can be seen mocking trans women who compete in weightlifting by making strange moaning and groaning sounds. This shocking act was received disturbingly well by the audience, but now Twitter is hitting back.

Trump’s Trans Woman Impression

Former US president Donald Trump stirs controversy once again.

This time, it’s with offensive remarks and impersonations targeting trans women during a rally in New Hampshire.

During a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, Trump surprised the crowd with an unexpected imitation.

Trump imitated a trans woman struggling to lift weights while addressing anti-trans views.

“I Will Keep Men Out of Women’s Sports”

Addressing the audience, Trump asserts, “I will keep men out of women’s sports, OK?” before launching into his offensive impersonation.

Trump grunted weirdly, mimicking a woman lifting weights, accompanied by crowd cheers and applause.

This is not the first time Trump has performed this impersonation; he previously used it during an America First Policy Institute summit.

Nicknames and Impressions 

In a bold move, Trump introduced a new moniker for Biden, labeling him “Crooked Joe Biden” during the rally.

Trump is known for his naming strategies, also calling Biden “Sleepy Joe,” referring to his old age.

Trump’s rally actions have generated strong reactions from Twitter users.

Users have called out Trump for his discrimination, “The way he described women lifting weights was so sexist,” one argued.

Cruel and Bullies

Another user questioned why people like him, saying, “And this is the guy they want back for president??!!”

A third Twitter user argued that Republicans are easily manipulated, “This will get him votes as today’s Republicans get off being cruel and bullies.”

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