Trump Risks Stealing Brides Thunder: Wedding Day Clashes With His Arraignment!

One couple was shaken when they found out that they would be getting married at Manhattan’s court at the same time when Trump was due to appear for his arraignment.

Wedding Date Clash

Comedian Chandler Dean’s wedding day coincides with a historic moment, making headlines on TikTok.

Dean shares in a TikTok video that he and his fiancée picked an eventful day to get married at the Manhattan courthouses.

As former President Donald Trump faces arraignment on the same day, Dean’s wedding plans add an unexpected twist to the day’s events.

While the events don’t coincide in time or location, the media frenzy surrounding Trump’s arraignment may impact the couple’s big day.

A Day to Remember

In his TikTok, Dean humorously wonders if Trump will congratulate them on their special day.

The TikTok video reached over 200k views, with nearly 300 comments pouring in to congratulate the couple.

TikTok users celebrate the couple’s wedding day, “Your marriage date will be in the history books!”

Jokes and humor abound as commenters playfully weave Trump references into their messages.

Trump Jokes Aplenty

“My coworker said our wedding hashtag should be #ArraignedMarriage,” is our pick of the Trump jokes so far.

For some, it’s now a double celebration, “The day we’ve all been waiting for!!” One user playfully said.

Another user suggested, “Aww you’re going to have so many guests,” referring to the media frenzy that day.

Send your well-wishes to the happy couple who get to share their special day with Trump by leaving a comment on the post!

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