‘Trump Roast’ Revival: He Slams “Creeps” of Late-Night TV – Kimmel’s Clapback Is Priceless!”

Donald Trump has his plate overflowing these days, but he still has time to take on his old nemesis, late-night TV. One host is more than up for the fight. Here’s the full story.

Fair Game

Former President Donald Trump has never had much love for late-night hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers.

After all, Trump has always been an easy target for the brand of cheap-shot jokes that those shows like to roll out during their monologues.

That was true even before Mar-a-Lardo (hat tip to Kimmel) decided to run for President. 

After all, he was one of America’s super-rich and had a habit of making people feel bad about themselves on The Apprentice.

But once Trump won the White House, the gloves really came off. Every breath, every hair, every chicken nugget was fair game.

Late-Night Pile On

And, boy, do the late-night hosts pile on, watching every Trump move and loading up their comedy shticks at the President’s expense.

Whether those attacks were justified or not, Trump proved to have thin skin and absolutely no sense of humor about the whole thing.

Things got so bad at one point that Trump even tried to get the Justice Department to step in and force Saturday Night Live to stop making fun of him.

It was the ultimate “I’m telling mom” moment, but it didn’t pan out for Teflon Don.

Trump’s World Turned Upside Down

And since then, of course, Trump’s world has changed quite a bit. 

From losing the 2020 election to Joe Biden to an avalanche of criminal charges against him, he’s had a lot on his plate and on his mind.

But apparently, Trump has managed to keep his eye on the late-night scene despite all the turmoil in his own life.

That became clear in early October after Hollywood writers ended their 5-month strike, and the late-night docket finally got back on track.

Target on His Forehead

Trump took to his Truth Social platform to let the world know he was kind of bummed to see the late-night landscape return to normal. 

Calling the hosts of the shows “talentless, low-rated CREEPS,” Trump said he always had a nagging feeling that he didn’t want the strike to end. Now he knows why.

Trump might as well have painted a target on his forehead to make sure the late-night guys didn’t miss their chance to fire back.

For his part, Kimmel read the signals loud and clear. He addressed Trump’s comments in a follow-up monologue.

“Talentless Loser Creeps”

Kimmel said he thought it was cool that Trump took the time out of defending himself against 91 felony charges to catch up on “his favorite late-night shows.” And then, of course, to throw a fit about them.

Then Kimmel delivered a heart shot that included video clips of Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald, Jr.

Kimmel said that these two guys were proof that Trump knew what he was talking about when it came to evaluating “talentless loser creeps.”

Reunited, and it feels so good?

 If the opening salvos are any indication, the 2024 election season will be a wild ride for both Trump and his late-night foes.

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