“Lowlife With a Very Small Brain and a Very Big Mouth” – Trump Ruffled by Criticism, Unleashes Tirade on Ex-Chief of Staff John Kelly

Former President Donald Trump ignited a new round of controversy as he launched a scathing attack on his former White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly. Here’s the whole story.

“The Dumbest”

Trump’s comments came just days after Kelly, the longest-serving chief of staff in the Trump administration, criticized the former President’s stance towards members of the U.S. armed forces.

In the post, Trump mocked Kelly’s intelligence, saying that he was “by far the dumbest” among his military advisors.

He accused Kelly of aligning himself with the “Radical Left” and perpetuating falsehoods about Gold Star Families and soldiers out of personal animosity.

Trump wrote, “He was incapable of doing a good job, it was too much for him, and I couldn’t stand the guy, so I fired him like a ‘dog.’ He had no heart or respect for people, so I hit him hard — Made no difference to me.”

Trump’s tirade didn’t stop there, as he continued to label Kelly as a “Lowlife” with a limited intellect.

A “Low Life”

He wrote, “He’s a Lowlife with a very small brain and a very big mouth. Interestingly, before firing him, his wife, who suffered a lot, told me he would never speak badly about ‘President Trump.’ Wrong! Did he totally lie about another Lowlife, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson Let them fight that one out themselves.”

“Numerous people are angry and upset because they know they will never be in a new Trump Administration, but only for one reason, they’re not nearly good enough. Kelly would be among those at the top of the list,” he added.

John Kelly’s recent remarks, which triggered this acrimonious response from Trump, centered on a broad critique of the former President’s character.

“A Person Who Is Not Truthful”

Kelly said Trump is “a person who is not truthful regarding his position on the protection of unborn life, on women, on minorities, on evangelical Christians, on Jews, on working men and women.”

Kelly’s criticisms painted a bleak portrait of Trump as someone who fails to understand the core principles and values that America represents.

He said Trump is a “Person who cavalierly suggests that a selfless warrior who has served his country for 40 years in peacetime and war should lose his life for treason – in expectation that someone will take action.”

“A person who admires autocrats and murderous dictators. A person who has nothing but contempt for our democratic institutions, our constitution, and the rule of law. There is nothing more that can be said. God help us,” he added.

Disrespectful and Unprofessional

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “I’ve come to realize since 2015 that 90% of Trump’s tweets are him projecting himself in the mirror.”

Another user added, “I can’t believe Donald Trump would talk about General John Kelly like that! It’s so disrespectful and unprofessional.”

A third user commented, “All I hear from this ex-President is him disparaging other decorated leaders. Lack of respect deserves the same…”

A fourth user wrote, “Amazing how a man who claimed he only hired the best people hired so many people who he later said were terrible.”

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