Trump, the Failed President Under Indictment for Treason Goes off on Biden and DeSantis in a Wild Rant

In a fiery rally held in Erie, Pennsylvania, former President Donald Trump made strong remarks about President Joe Biden, igniting both fervor and debate among supporters and critics alike. Here’s what happened.

“We Have a Guy Who Is a Dumb Son of a B****”

Speaking before a passionate crowd of his devoted followers, Trump did not mince words when addressing President Biden.

Trump said, “We have somebody that’s not at the top of his game, never was at the top of a game, never was. We have a guy who is a dumb son of a b****.”

The comment was delivered against the backdrop of a discussion on immigration policy and border protection.

Trump, known for his hardline stance on immigration, expressed his concerns about the entry of people from “mental institutions, insane asylums,” “jails and prisons,” and those labeled as “terrorists.”

Sick, Sick People Pose a Threat to the Nation

“All of these people, who are very ill, who are very sick, sick people, these are mentally ill people, they’ve been emptied out,” Trump said.

He painted a vivid picture of what he saw as an alarming influx of individuals who, in his view, posed a threat to the nation.

As Trump delved into his speech, he took a moment to discuss leaders of other countries, describing them as “street smart” and competent individuals who are “at the top of their game.”

Trump accused President Biden and his administration of orchestrating a campaign against him, suggesting that the legal actions taken against him were politically motivated and intended to interfere with his presidential election.

“Fake News Is All You Get”

He said, “They waited two and a half, almost three years so that they could bring this upright in the middle of my presidential election because it’s election interference. They’re crooked people. You know they’re not indicting me; they’re indicting you. I just happen to be standing in their way, that’s all it is.”

He also alluded to what he referred to as the “Biden crime family,” insinuating a disparity in how allegations were being handled.

Addressing the issue of media coverage, Trump claimed that the press had become skewed and focused on biased reporting.

He said, “Fake news is all you get. They refuse to discuss the Biden crime family, but enjoy covering false indictments of Donald Trump, who has done nothing wrong.”

“I Got Ron DeSantis Elected, and He’s Running”

“We have a guy who’s a dumb son of a b**** to allow this to happen… Every dollar spent attacking me by Republicans is $1 given straight to the Biden campaign if he makes it,” he added.

Trump also called out his closest rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

He said, “They say, “Will you run against the president? Will you run against the president?” He says, “I have no comment.” I said that means he’s running, this son of a b**** is running against me. I got him elected, and he’s running.”

Trump’s a Failed President and Under Indictment for Treason

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Reddit user wrote, “So Biden is a “dumb son of a B”…. that keeps outsmarting Republicans. LMAO if Trump had two brain cells he would act as if Biden was some devious mastermind.”

Another Redditor commented, “He is pulling out all the stops, to take away from the fact that he’s a failed president and under indictment for basically treason.”

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