Trump Throws Weight Behind Jordan as the Battle Over the Speaker of the House Heats Up

Former President Donald Trump has officially endorsed highly controversial Ohio congressman Jim Jordan as his choice for the next House speaker. 

Trump Determined to Shape Party’s Direction

With the GOP leadership battle intensifying and divisions within the party becoming more apparent, Trump’s endorsement of Jim Jordan further cements his role in shaping the party’s direction.

Donald Trump’s endorsement of Jim Jordan, a founding member of the hard-right House Freedom Caucus, was made public on his Truth Social platform, where he hailed Jordan as a “GREAT Speaker of the House” and expressed his “Complete & Total Endorsement.”

This endorsement comes after a period of uncertainty within the Republican Party following Kevin McCarthy’s ousting as House speaker. Troy Nehls, a Texas congressman, also revealed Trump’s support for Jordan, solidifying the former president’s backing for the Ohio congressman’s bid.

If Not Himself, Then Jordan

Trump’s willingness to back Jordan comes after he openly entertained the idea of serving as the interim leader himself, further emphasizing his grip on the party’s direction. Earlier this week, Trump posted a picture of himself in the Speaker of the House seat, stirring up yet even more controversy. 

Amidst the ongoing power struggle within the Republican Party, Trump’s endorsement serves as a strategic move to assert his control and push the party further to the right. With House Republicans divided, the future of the Speaker has been uncertain since McCarthy’s departure.

Trump’s announcement of support solidified by Troy Nehls’ confirmation of it, places Jordan and Steve Scalise of Louisiana as the two leading candidates vying for the speakership, with both seeking to secure the crucial votes required for victory.

Will Scalise Withdraw From the Race?

The endorsement’s impact on Scalise’s candidacy remains uncertain, as it remains to be seen whether Trump’s support for Jordan will compel Scalise, the current GOP majority leader, to withdraw from the race.

Given the party’s internal divisions, Nehls acknowledged the challenges of reaching the 218-vote threshold and suggested that Trump could once again become a contender if no candidate secures sufficient support.

As the GOP leadership battle heats up, Trump has planned a visit to Capitol Hill, marking his first visit since leaving office and the January 6th attack on the Capitol.

Trump’s presence and endorsement reflect his determination to shape the future of the Republican Party, even as he faces legal challenges over his attempts to overturn the 2020 election results.

Jordan and Scalise Are Avid Trump Supporters

Jim Jordan, a staunch ally of Trump, has actively supported investigations into prosecutors who pursued charges against the former president.

He was also part of the group of Republicans who collaborated with Trump in his efforts to overturn the election results. Scalise, too, has maintained a close association with Trump throughout his political career.

Other Potential Rivals

While Jordan and Scalise vie for the speakership, other potential contenders, including Oklahoma representative Kevin Hern, await their opportunity to enter the fray.

Hern, as the chair of the Republican Study Committee, leads the largest faction of Republicans in the House, making him a noteworthy figure in the ongoing power struggle within the GOP.

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