“Trump University” Graduate’s Viral TikTok Scam Guide Leaves the World Stunned and Outraged With His Fraudulent Bankruptcy Advice

A video has gone viral of a young man sitting in a pool showing off a glamorous watch on his wrist, explaining the controversial way he acquired it. He claims he opened up a business to get credit cards and purchased the watch for $100,000, intending to sell it, before declaring bankruptcy, voiding him from all payments. Otherwise known as, yes, you guessed it, “fraud.”

Scammer Vibes

A popular TikToker known as Ryan now faces accusations of being a “scammer.”

This online sensation, whose account name is @greenthumbgotbands, recently shared a now-deleted video that has caused quite a stir.

The video was reposted on Twitter by @Imposter_Edits, ensuring that the shocking details did not go unnoticed.

Ryan showcased a lavish $100,000 watch, capturing the attention of viewers worldwide.

“You Are Not Personally Held Responsible for That Line of Credit”

What followed was an explanation of how he bought the watch without spending a penny of his own money.

Identifying himself as an “entrepreneur,” Ryan told of his questionable tactics while relaxing poolside.

“Business credit,” he declared, “you are not personally held responsible for that line of credit.”

Then he revealed his strategy of establishing a business he admittedly cared little about.

… And Declare Bankruptcy

By opening credit cards under this new business, he was able to exploit the system and get his purchases.

After he had bought his luxury items, he told users to “declare bankruptcy” so that no money would have to be paid back.

Sporting the expensive watch on his wrist, he announced his intention to sell it to a jeweler for a hefty sum of $80,000 in cash, despite having initially acquired it for $100,000.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker attempted to downplay the seriousness of his scam, claiming it was all a joke.

“Graduate of Trump University”

He asserted that no evidence could be found against him, as the entire video was a fabrication. Twitter users believe that Ryan is genuinely committing fraud despite the follow-up explanation.

One user said, “Bro is about to be arrested for credit card fraud and wire fraud. Good job.”

Others compared him to famous figures hilariously saying, “Ah yes, the andrew tate school for acne bros.”

Another joked, “Graduate of Trump University.”

Do you believe he was committing fraud or was it a joke? Decide and let us know in the comments.

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