“I Never Hit Biden as Hard as I Could Have” – Could a Trump Victory Trigger a Vengeful Era Against Those Who “Persecuted” Him?

In a recent interview, former President Donald Trump hinted at a concerning course of action if he were to regain the presidency, taking aim at those who fought for his arrest.

“Lock Her Up”

Right-wing broadcaster Glenn Beck confronted Trump with a question that has lingered since his 2016 campaign.

Beck asked, “Do you regret not locking [Clinton] up? And if you’re president again, will you lock people up?”

Trump’s response was swift and impactful, stating, “The answer is you have no choice, because they’re doing it to us.”

During his 2016 campaign, Trump famously chanted “lock her up” in reference to his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

An Unfulfilled Promise

This promise remained unfulfilled during his time in office.

While Trump has encouraged the “lock her up” sentiment against others, he now finds himself entangled in his own legal battles that could have serious consequences.

Under four indictments, Trump faces a staggering 91 criminal charges related to various offenses, including election subversion, retention of classified information, and hush-money payments.

Denies Wrongdoing

Trump firmly denied any wrongdoing, asserting he is a political persecution victim.

The legal saga continues as trials related to these charges are scheduled for the coming year.

Media outlets have calculated the potential sentences Trump could face if found guilty, with estimates reaching as high as 717 years.

Despite these legal challenges, Trump remains a formidable force in politics.

Dominating the Political Landscape

At the age of 77, he continues to dominate national and key state polling for the Republican presidential nomination.

During the interview, Trump admitted that he had not fully used up his arsenal of criticisms against President Biden while he was in office, “I never hit Biden as hard as I could have.” he said.

Trump’s first impeachment stemmed from attempts to uncover potentially damaging information about rivals, including Joe Biden.

Trump Blames Biden

Currently, Trump’s Republican allies are contemplating the possibility of impeaching President Biden due to allegations connected to his son, Hunter.

In a surprising claim, Trump asserted that President Biden was behind the indictments against him.

It’s important to note that all indictments were brought forth by independent prosecutors, not under the direction of the White House.

“Sick People”

Trump also addressed the ongoing legal battle related to civil claims brought by E Jean Carroll, who accused him of sexual assault, “the woman that I never met, that they accused me of rape, that’s being run by a Democrat, a Democrat operative, and paid for by the Democrat party.”

Throughout the interview, Trump repeatedly referred to his political opponents as “sick people” and “evil people.”

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