“I Have a Much Better Body” – Trump’s Bizarre Focus On Biden’s Beach Bod’ Raises Eyebrows – “Are You Jealous?”

President Donald Trump was at a rally in Waterloo, Iowa, criticizing Joe Biden’s body. Here’s the whole story.

‘Beach Body Ready’?

At the campaign rally, Trump started his insults to the president by saying that Biden has a “consultant somewhere” who is making the president “think he looks good in a bathing suit.”

 Trump also commented on how much time Biden spends at the beach, asking, “How do you do that?” Biden has a vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where he is frequently spotted lounging on the beach.

 In a previous interview with Tucker Carlson, Trump also made remarks about how much time Biden spends at the beach. According to Trump, “The beach doesn’t represent what a president is supposed to be doing.”

This statement confused many critics who brought up that Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home is “on a beach.”

“Not a Pretty Sight”

Another comment the former president made about the current president was how “he can’t walk through the sand” or “lift a chair” when he is at the beach. However, after he made the statement, Trump agreed that it is difficult to walk in the sand sometimes.

 At the Waterloo, Iowa rally, Trump claimed, “I have a much better body than [Biden],” but also said he wasn’t “really sure that he wanted to expose it.”

 Because of “the sun blaring down, the sand, the surf, [and] the wind,” Trump doesn’t want to expose his body because “it’s not a pretty sight.”

 The jokes on social media were not in short supply after Trump said he looked better than Biden with his shirt off. One comment said, “People are going to hurt themselves laughing.”

Trump’s Search History Results

 Several people posted side-by-side comparison photos of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, with Biden appearing to be thinner and in better shape than Trump.

 One commenter on the social media platform X said she thought it was “kind of strange” that Trump had been looking at Biden in his bathing suit. She said there wasn’t anything wrong with it but that it was “bizarre behavior for him.”

 Another person seemed concerned with how much time Trump spends “focusing on the physique of our president.” She asked Trump, “Are you jealous, or do you want him?”

 A few months prior to claiming he had a “much better body” than Biden, Trump attacked Biden’s physical appearance during an interview with Tucker Carlson.

Get off the Beach and Stop the War

 Trump said that Biden is “not exactly…an athlete” and that “he can’t even walk to the helicopter.” Trump referred to Biden’s legs as “toothpicks.”

 One person posted on X, saying, “Let’s see who can ride a bicycle the furthest or jog the furthest. We all already know who would win.” This person said they weren’t “even sure Trump could get on a bicycle.”

 In the interview with Carlson, Trump brought up the war in Ukraine. He said Biden is “supposed to be working” rather than spending his time at the beach.

Instead, Trump said Biden was “supposed to be getting us out of that horrible, horrible war that we’re very much involved in with Russia and Ukraine.” According to Trump, Biden could “very easily” do that if he wasn’t “incompetent.”

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