“Impossible to Save”: Judge Rules Trump’s Empire Was Built on Fraud and Now It’s on the Brink of Total Collapse

Legal experts are sounding the alarm, predicting the collapse of Donald Trump’s real estate empire after a recent New York judge’s ruling exposed fraud and deceit upon which the business fortune was built.

Trump Is Already “Out of Business”

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, claimed Trump is already “out of business” in New York following Judge Arthur Engoron’s ruling that rescinded the licenses of the Trump Organization and other companies owned by Trump and his sons, Eric and Don Jr.

Trump, retaliating on his Truth Social platform, labeled the judge a “political hack” in an attempt to save his multi-billion dollar empire.

Judge Engoron postponed the decision, setting the stage for a high-stakes non-jury trial that began on October 2nd. The outcome could spell disaster for the Trump empire, putting his property at risk.

Judge Engoron “Must Be Stopped”

Trump also posted on Truth Social that Judge Engoron “Must be stopped” as he tried to turn his loyal followers on the platform against the judicial system.

Industry experts suggest the selling spree could start with Trump’s prized real estate assets, including Trump Tower, golf courses, resorts across the US, and even the iconic Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, potentially triggering a financial domino effect.

Selling Off Could Start Domino Effect

Trump disputed the valuation of Mar-a-Lago, claiming that it was worth “100 times more” than what it was valued, in a desperate attempt to loosen the tightening noose around his business empire. 

Critics believe this could be the beginning of the end for Trump’s carefully cultivated image as a savvy business tycoon. 

William Black, an expert in white-collar crime and finance, warns that once the dominoes start falling, saving the empire becomes nearly impossible. Trump’s overvalued properties are likely to be sold at significant losses.

Black believes Trump’s employees and insiders might come forward with damaging information if he loses his wealth and influence. 

“The Big Cheat”

Experts unanimously agree that Engoron’s ruling was devastating, setting in motion potential bankruptcy and financial ruin for Trump and his business empire.

While Trump’s legal team plans to appeal the ruling, the prospect of a successful appeal appears bleak. “I give Trump’s chances of prevailing on appeal at somewhere between zero and nothing,” said the author of the Trump-themed book “The Big Cheat.”

The “Corporate Death Penalty”

Renowned legal figures like Joyce Vance are calling Engoron’s ruling the “corporate death penalty,” holding Trump accountable for years of alleged misconduct.

Black argued that Trump’s acts of fraud, which relied heavily on audacity, may have finally caught up with him. As lawsuits intensify, bankruptcy looms, threatening the once-titanic Trump empire.

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