Trump’s Explosive Challenge to Meghan Markle – A Battle of the Titans or Circus Act?

Speaking to radio host Hugh Hewitt on The Hugh Hewitt Show, the former US president claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were “disrespectful” to the Queen when they decided to step down from their roles as senior working royals in 2020. Here’s how it unfolded.

Trump Said He Wishes To Go Head-To-Head With Meghan Markle

Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, sensationally decided to step back from their royal duties in 2020 in a very public falling out with the royal family.

The couple moved to California. At the time, Trump was vehemently opposed to any US funding for their security.

Donald Trump said he wishes to go head-to-head with Meghan Markle for how she treated the late Queen Elizabeth II during her time in the British royal family.

“She Was an Incredible Woman. She Was So Sharp, She Was 100 Percent. When You Watch Biden, You Say This Is a Different Planet”

“I didn’t like the way she dealt with the Queen. They treated her with great disrespect and I didn’t like it,” he said, adding, “She was an incredible woman. She was so sharp, she was 100 percent. When you watch Biden, you say this is a different planet.” He expanded on his concerns about Biden’s vitality.

“Look, anything’s possible, but when I watch — his body is shot, and his mind is worse.”

Trump’s remarks about Markle, 42, came during a discussion about the upcoming 50th anniversary of the iconic 1973 “Battle of the Sexes” in which Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in a tennis exhibition, which drew around 90 million viewers worldwide.

“I’d Love to Debate Her. I Would Love It. I Disagree So Much With What They’re Doing”

But Hewitt thought that a Trump-versus-Markle debate could beat that before asking the former president if he’d do it for the ratings.

“Oh, if you want to set it up, let’s set it up. Let’s go do something,” Trump replied.

“I’d love to debate her. I would love it. I disagree so much with what they’re doing.”

He continued, “I didn’t like the way she dealt with the Queen. She was an incredible woman. At 95, she was so sharp. She was 100%.”

“I Think It’s Not a Good Situation Going On With the Two”

When asked about the couple he said ““I think it’s not a good situation going on with the two of them, but I didn’t know that they don’t like me. Somebody mentioned it might be possible. They wouldn’t be the only ones.”

Earlier, Donald Trump had also said that Meghan Markle was “very disrespectful” to the Queen during a GB News interview with Nigel Farage.

“You Cannot Be Disrespectful to Her and I Think Meghan Was Very Disrespectful to Her, Very Disrespectful”

“I think she has been very disrespectful to the Queen. How can you be so disrespectful to the Queen? She was incredible, for decades and decades she never made a mistake. I cannot think of a mistake she made, she was never controversial. She went through years and decades without controversy. You cannot be disrespectful to her and I think Meghan was very disrespectful to her, very disrespectful,” he said.

Last year, the former US president had said that Meghan might leave Prince Harry “when she decides that she likes some other guy better”. “I’m not a fan of Meghan, and I wasn’t from the beginning. Poor Harry is being led around by his nose. And I think he’s an embarrassment,” he said.

“Too Afraid to Debate Republican Candidates but Will Take Time Out for a Fluff Debate With a Foreign Celebrity. Clown”

“Too afraid to debate Republican candidates but will take time out for a fluff debate with a foreign celebrity. Clown.” was an early comment poseidon X (formerly Twitter)

Another user agreed “He’s afraid to debate Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie and the rest of the Republican candidates, but he’ll take on MM.  Trump is a coward.”

More rhetoric aimed at Trump “Of course because he loves to bully women” was posted on X.

“About what? Who has better make-up? One person joked.

“Ease up Tangerine Supreme, Stop Reaching for Low-Hanging Fruit”

Many readers said they would pay money to watch a debate. However, one reader wasn’t in agreement, saying “Ease up Tangerine Supreme, stop reaching for low-hanging fruit.”

This comes after Trump skipped the first 2024 Republican presidential debate on Aug. 23 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, citing his large lead in the polls. He hasn’t declared whether to attend the second GOP debate on Sept. 27 at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California.

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