Trump’s “Fake Electors” – Will Bold Move for Federal Immunity Pay Off?

The three phony Republican electors involved in Georgia’s election subversion case are making a bold legal move. Their aim? To shift their case from state to federal court, potentially turning the tides in their favor.

“Fake Electors”

Former Georgia GOP chair David Shafer, Georgia state Sen. Shawn Still, and former Coffee County GOP chair Cathy Latham are pulling out all stops to switch their legal battleground to federal court.

To improve their odds, the defendants are seeking a change of venue, eyeing potential dismissal of charges or better trial conditions.

A legal gamble that could change their fate!

Federal cases carry unique advantages, but these ‘fake electors’ face an uphill battle, fighting to be treated as federal officials in the election drama 2020 when they aren’t and never have been federal officials.

A Groundbreaking Defense

They presented a groundbreaking defense, asserting that they were ‘contingent presidential electors,’ acting under Trump’s directive and following the US Constitution, although the judge is having none of it.

Despite their claims, US District Judge Steve Jones remained skeptical, as similar requests from Trump’s camp were previously declined, arguing that these phonies acted as presidential electors “based on nothing more than that pretense.”

The fate of these charged ‘fake GOP electors’ hangs in the balance.

A legal thriller is set to take center stage with real consequences if found guilty!

A Homemade Badge

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis stood her ground, opposing the transfer, arguing the accused were not federal officials, “His [Shafer’s] position is the equivalent of claiming that a homemade badge could transform him into a genuine United States Marshal with all the powers afforded that role.”

Shafer’s alleged impersonation as a ‘presidential elector’ sparked a legal battle, challenging the authenticity of their actions during the pivotal 2020 election.

Both sides presented their ammunition. Affidavits from law experts and fellow electors enter the ring.

But will these be enough to sway the judge?

Bearing the Weight of Proof

The accused bear the weight of proof, aiming to convince the judge of their rightful status as electors for the defeated presidential nominee.

The expert opinion suggested a tough task for the accused as they grapple with historical Supreme Court precedent that could dash their hopes of federal immunity, with the accused’s lawyer admitting the task is a “heavy lift.”

The indictment of select ‘fake GOP electors’ sheds light on the intricacies of this legal conundrum. Will hidden truths emerge in the courtroom?

As the hearing unfolds, all eyes are on Judge Steve Jones. Can the accused secure their desired shift?

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