‘RANTING & SEETHING’ Trump’s Former BFF ‘MyPillow’ CEO Lost ALL on ‘Trump’s Big Lie’ – Now Even Lawyers Bail

Attorneys representing MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell have requested permission to withdraw from his high-stakes defamation case.

1.3 Billion Problems

Lawyers representing the controversial CEOl have requested permission from the judge to remove themselves from his ongoing lawsuits. 

 Their decision is rooted in financial complications as Lindell faces a $1.3 billion lawsuit from voting machine companies Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems.

Attorneys representing Mike Lindell in his $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit are seeking court approval to step down from the case. 

They express concerns about not receiving payment from Lindell or his company, MyPillow. 

Substantial Financial Risk

Attorney Andrew Parker reveals that Lindell owes them a significant sum of money, which he is unable to repay. 

Lindell himself acknowledged his inability to pay the lawyers and understood their decision. 

In documents filed with the court, Parker outlines that his firm can no longer afford to continue representing MyPillow throughout the legal proceedings. 

He asserts that doing so would pose a substantial financial risk to his firm. Parker mentions that Lindell made payments to the law firm through the end of 2022. 

 However, in 2023, payments dwindled as litigation fees increased. 

Late Payments to No Payments

In May, payments arrived over 60 days late and didn’t cover the full amount due. In July and August, no payments were received at all. 

Parker and his firm, Parker Daniels Kibort, cautioned Lindell and MyPillow that they would be compelled to leave the case if payment was not made.

Mike Lindell has faced considerable financial difficulties in recent times.

In addition to the ongoing lawsuit against him, several retailers, including Walmart, ceased carrying MyPillow products due to his support for former President Donald Trump’s claims regarding the 2020 election.

This decision by retailers has significantly impacted his business. 

Famous Last Words

In April, Lindell was ordered to pay $5 million to a software engineer for breaching a contract.

He had used data to support his claims that China played a role in the 2020 elections and helped President Joe Biden win.

These claims were made as part of his “Prove Mike Wrong Challenge” during the “Cyber Symposium” in 2021, held in South Dakota. 

While Lindell has stated that he does not intend to file for bankruptcy, he openly acknowledges the substantial challenges that MyPillow has faced.

The company’s financial struggles are attributed to Lindell’s support for Donald Trump’s election fraud claims, which has resulted in the $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit he currently faces. 

No More Mypillow?

In a previous statement, Lindell disclosed that MyPillow incurred losses of $100 million due to the fallout from his election fraud claims.

Additionally, his company lost an arbitration case in April related to these claims, leading to a $5 million order for payment by his company, Lindell LLC. 

The withdrawal of Mike Lindell’s legal team from his defamation case underscores the financial difficulties faced by MyPillow’s CEO.

The ongoing lawsuit and the fallout from his election fraud claims have created substantial challenges for both Lindell and his company, with consequences, both legal and financial, that extend far beyond the courtroom.

File for Bankruptcy

Online, the news was greeted with some schadenfreude, with one user commenting, “The My Pillow guy has lost over $100 million dollars defending Trump’s Big Lie. His loss of revenue and mounting legal fees are sending him to the poor house. While Trump rakes in money from his cult members, he has no plans on helping him. His advice is to file for bankruptcy.”

Others were more straightforward with their mockery, with one user commenting, “KARMA on duty.”

Another said, “My stomach hurts from laughing about him. You do the crime, unfortunately you pay for your crimes.”

Lindell tried to drum up some support for his financial troubles by taking to the video streaming site Rumble, but it did not go very well.

One online user who was watching the stream commented, “Shockingly tiny 136 people watching Mike Lindell’s Lindell Report on Rumble. He’s RANTING & SEETHING.”

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