Trump’s “Never Surrender” Mugshot… Was the Irony Lost on MAGA Supporters?

One poor, unsuspecting Trump fan managed to show the internet the sheer irony in his Trump T-shirt without actually understanding the joke himself.

“Make America Great Again”

In the middle of a rally in Iowa, orchestrated by former President Donald Trump, a comedic duo known as The Good Liars seized a moment of irony.

Amidst the sea of red hats with the iconic “Make America Great Again” slogan, their attention was drawn to a particular supporter.

The man sported a t-shirt bearing Trump’s mugshot accompanied by the words: “Wanted for President 2024. Never surrender.”

It was this slogan, “never surrender,” underneath Trump’s less-than-glamorous mugshot, that caught the duo’s attention, prompting them to have some fun with the man.

After the duo pointed out the irony of a T-shirt reading “Never Surrender” underneath a picture of Trump surrendering, the supporter, lost in admiration for Trump, failed to recognize the joke.

“Literally a Picture of Him Surrendering, Right?”

Jason Stieffler, part of The Good Liars duo, gently pushed the irony, “that is a picture of him surrendering to Georgia authorities, right?” he said.

The supporter remained firm in his support, insisting Trump was “the best president in America” despite there only ever being one president at a time in the country.

Stieffler, undeterred, continued to gently prod, “Okay, but that is literally a picture of him surrendering, right?” to which the man kept saying, “sure, sure, that’s the best President in America.”

The moment when the supporter finally recognized the irony of what he was wearing is a spectacle to behold, as he almost has no idea what to say except to blow more smoke up Trump.

This incident quickly went viral on X, with many social media users finding humor in the situation, playing on the stereotype that Trump supporters will blindly follow him despite all the evidence of his criminalities.

“Trumplestiltskin Actually Surrendered”

One X user found humor in the sheer denial on the Trump supporter’s face, “Denial in action – Guy cannot admit Trumplestiltskin actually surrendered.”

Another user was astonished by the video, “It still baffles me that these ppl make loving Trump their whole personality, what did they do pre-2016?” they asked.

Users were quick to judge the man, but not one. This user stood firm in supporting the baffled Trump fan, “I ALMOST respect him for owning it at least.”

Trump was indicted in Georgia over the summer, going out in style as he ironically Tweeted, “Never Surrender,” along with the now infamous mugshot.

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