Trump’s PAC Funds on Thin Ice: Shocking Investigation Reveals Potential Misuse of Post-Election Donations!

Trump faces possible legal difficulties as the PAC is investigated regarding election donations. Here’s the story. 

Trump’s Post-2020 Election Donation Funds May Be Frozen

Reports suggest that former President Donald Trump’s post-2020 election donation funds may be frozen as Special Counsel Jack Smith investigates the fundraising behind Trump’s Save America political action committee (PAC).

The investigation is rooted in concerns over the utilization of funds raised by the PAC and the possibility of misrepresentation during the fundraising process.

Andrew Weissmann, former FBI general counsel, commented on the ongoing inquiries and their potential implications. On MSNBC, Weissmann outlined a potential scenario wherein the investigation might lead to “pretrial forfeiture.”

This measure could result in freezing the funds in question, rendering them inaccessible.

“We Build the Wall”

The situation poses a challenge for Trump, as significant sums were reportedly allocated for legal fees for him and other individuals connected to him.

The prospect of pretrial seizure orders could apply if the funds were obtained through fraud. However, the government would need to confirm such claims.

The investigation could reach much further than Donald Trump. It could extend to the PAC itself or individuals at lower levels, ultimately resulting in civil and criminal forfeiture actions.

The article parallels the case of Steve Bannon, a close ally of Trump, who faced fraud-related charges involving a fundraising campaign called “We Build the Wall.”

Trump Fraudulently Sought Donations

The comparison underscores the possibility that misrepresentation in fundraising could lead to legal consequences.

Trump hasn’t been charged with financial crimes in connection to this investigation. However, there have been longstanding suspicions that federal prosecutors were examining the millions of dollars raised by Trump’s team after the 2020 election.

Allegations include the idea that Trump fraudulently sought donations to contest the election outcome in court despite being aware of Joe Biden’s victory.

The potential outcome of the investigation could resemble cases like Bannon’s, where restitution is mandated for fraud or money laundering victims.

“Only an Out-Of-Touch Lunatic Would Ask For Such a Date”

Brian Kolfage, founder of the “We Build the Wall” foundation, was ordered to pay restitution for deceiving donors regarding the use of their contributions.

Smith’s team has proposed commencing Trump’s trial on January 2, 2024, just before Iowa Republicans select their preferred candidate for the 2024 presidential nomination.

Trump has criticized this timeline, alleging political motivations and interference with the election process.

On Truth Social, Trump wrote, “Only an out-of-touch lunatic would ask for such a date, ONE DAY into the New Year, and maximum Election Interference with IOWA.”

Trump’s Financial Situation Seems Far From Stable

Trump’s opposition has since raised questions about the intersection of legal proceedings and political activities.

Ultimately, Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into the post-2020 election fundraising activities of Trump’s Save America PAC could potentially lead to freezing funds through pretrial forfeiture measures when Trump’s financial situation seems far from stable.

While Trump hasn’t been directly charged with financial crimes in this context, parallels are drawn with cases like Steve Bannon’s, where things did not go well for the defending parties.

The investigation’s timeline and potential implications could cause significant harm to Trump’s 2024 campaign while he fights other court cases against him.

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