Trump’s Shocking Jibe – He Mocks Kamala’s Accent, Claims She’s ‘Rhyming’ Her Way Through Vice Presidency!

During his appearance on Tucker Carlson’s former Fox News program, President Donald Trump strongly criticized Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden.

“’The Bus Will Go Here and Then the Bus Will Go There. Because That’s What Busses Do.’”

Trump ramped up his criticism of Biden as the election season is approaching, and no severe contenders emerged on the Democratic side aside from Biden.

In a video posted on X (formerly known as Twitter), Trump mocked Harris’s accent saying, “She speaks in rhyme. It’s weird… Well, the way she talks: ‘The bus will go here and then the bus will go there. Because that’s what busses do.'”

The video went viral on social media, with his supporters praising the former president.

Trump’s polling numbers are buoyed by his indictments, ongoing legal drama, and high-profile arrest, which hasn’t affected his status as a top Republican contender.

“A Word Salad”

Harris, who has been facing low poll numbers, is currently attempting a political comeback ahead of the 2024 election, as she is trying to reshape her image in the eyes of the voters.

Her tenure as vice president has been marred by gaffes, missteps and awkward performances where she repetitively explained simple concepts in awkward sentences with critics often calling it “a word salad.”

As for the 2024 presidential election, some have questioned whether Harris adds anything to the presidential ticket, as she has been struggling to define her role through much of her tenure in the White House.

Trump also said Harris is “not a president of the United States future,” when he was asked about the possibility of her next presidential run.

“Worse Mentally Than Physically”

According to recent numbers, the former California senator has only 40 percent of approval among American voters, according to recent polls.

Her numbers are lower than her four immediate predecessors in their terms, though Dan Quayle’s were worse.

According to the report published by Sacramento Bee, Harris’ numbers are lower than her four immediate predecessors at this point in their terms. However, Dan Quayle’s unfavorables were worse.

Trump said Biden, who is also struggling with low approval rates, said the current president of the United States is “worse mentally than physically.”

“Her Moment Is as Bad as It Can Be. I Think His Is Worse, Actually”

“Well not really… she has some bad moments,” Trump said of Harris. “Her moment is as bad as it can be. I think his is worse, actually,” he said of Biden.

“Biden, every time you watch him talking, he is walking on eggshells, you are waiting for him to collapse, and he almost always does.”

Trump, meanwhile, is still considered the top contender on the Republican presidential ticket, even after he skipped the first presidential debate held in Milwaukee.

He was recently booked in Georgia jail for trying to overturn the state’s election results, a high-profile arrest that his presidential campaign used for fundraising millions of dollars.

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