Trust Betrayed: – Her Life Savings Vanish Overnight, Boyfriend’s Shocking Confession of Theft!

A young woman sparked outrage on Reddit after she had her boyfriend arrested for stealing all her money. Her choice of “banks” may have been part of the problem. Here is the whole story.

She Worked Hard for Her Degree

OP is a college student who has been working on her degree for more than five years. The extended period is because she had to pay for everything herself.

That meant OP worked multiple jobs during most of her college years and couldn’t always afford to take full classes.

But after all her struggles, OP was preparing for her last semester. After graduation, she planned to go to medical school.

Recently, OP has been working an office job plus two bartending gigs. Because she makes a lot of her money in cash, she’s stashed it in a box in her bedroom closet.

She Was Saving Money for Medical School

That’s been her standard practice for years, and OP never encountered any problems.

OP would collect her money until she had enough to pay for school, then deposit it in the bank a couple of weeks before classes started so she could pay her tuition.

This time around, OP saved enough money to finish her undergrad classes early. So she could finally quit one of her jobs and enjoy some free time.

But disaster struck the night before OP was going to deposit her cash to pay for her last semester.

ALL The Cash Was Missing From Her Bedroom!

When she came home from working with the last hunk of money she needed, OP was devastated to find all the cash was missing from her bedroom.

The only other person who had access to OP’s place was her boyfriend. He didn’t live there but would hang out sometimes, even when she was around.

Frantic, OP tried to call her boyfriend to see if he might know what happened to her money. He didn’t answer, and he didn’t call back.

Needless to say, OP didn’t sleep a wink that night, sick and frantic about the missing money.

Her Boyfriend ‘Borrowed’ It

Finally, OP’s boyfriend called her back the following day. When she asked him about the missing money, he admitted he had “borrowed” it.

OP’s boyfriend insisted he had intended to pay it back all along and still would.

But OP was furious and felt violated. And she asked her boyfriend where the money was.

He didn’t have a good answer, but again, he assured OP he’d pay it back. But she wanted to know how in the world he could come up with $14,000 in two weeks when her tuition was due.

… So She Called the Cops and Reported the Theft

Still in a rage, OP called the cops and reported the theft. She also told them it was her boyfriend. Within a few hours, the boyfriend’s family called OP to chew her out for getting him in trouble.

His brother called, too, but he promised to help get OP her money.Ultimately, the family wanted OP to drop the charges and promised to get her money back in exchange.

It all left OP hurt, frustrated, and unsure of what to do next.

“There’s No Way the Family Will Pay, Especially if the BF Is Already off the Hook”

Redditors were adamant that OP should not drop the charges against her boyfriend. They say there’s no way the family will pay, especially if the BF is already off the hook.

And plenty of commenters took OP to task for keeping so much cash at home in the first place. They say she was asking for trouble, and she found it.

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