‘Trust Your Gut, Not Your Doctor’ – A Mother’s Intuition Beat Stage 4 Cancer

Her doctors told her she was being a hypochondriac not once but twice! As a two-time cancer survivor, Sherri Rollins has a critical message for her followers!

Doctors Dismissed Her Symptoms

A courageous mom, Sherri Rollins, battled cancer not once but twice before hitting 50.

Shockingly, doctors initially brushed off her symptoms, attributing them to other causes.

In 2017, Sherri began experiencing excruciating back pain that signaled the onset of her harrowing medical journey. A liver lesion was detected, but doctors dismissed it.

Despite the alarming liver lesion, medics, including a gastroenterologist, downplayed the issue, labeling Sherri as “hypersensitive.”

The dismissal only fueled her determination to seek a second opinion.

She Was Proven Right

Determined to unravel the truth, Sherri sought a second opinion and underwent an MRI.

Her instincts were proven right – she was battling stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to her liver.

With the daunting diagnosis in 2018, Sherri bravely faced chemotherapy and surgery, yearning for a normal, cancer-free life.

Her resilience during this trying period was nothing short of inspiring.

She Trusted Her Gut

After four years in remission, the return of troubling symptoms shattered Sherri’s peace.

Weight loss and persistent bathroom troubles set off alarm bells, yet her doctors insisted there was no cancer.

Sherri knew something was wrong and trusted her gut feeling, demanding more thorough examinations to uncover the hidden truth.

In March 2022, reality hit hard when medical authorities confirmed a lesion in her rectum, a resurgence of her cancer.

It was a devastating blow, leaving Sherri grappling with the harsh truth.

Hope Appears

The emotional turmoil was immense, but Sherri rallied her family, displaying tremendous strength in the face of adversity.

Consulting a gastrointestinal surgeon at UNC Health brought newfound hope.

The surgeon presented a viable option for removing the tumor and exploring temporary ileostomy.

Sherri’s resilience shone as she embraced radiotherapy, facing the radiation treatment while on the operating table.

Advocate for Yourself!

A year later, Sherri bravely had the ileostomy bag removed, marking the turning point in her recovery.

Her journey to health and wellness was gradual but triumphant, and now she has this message for all who hear her story.

Sherri passionately urges those facing doubts over their diagnoses to advocate for themselves.

Her message is clear: fighting for proper treatment options can save lives.


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