Twitter Thread Reveals the Horrific Reality of Women’s Lives as They Share Stories of Harassment and Abuse

In this viral Twitter thread, one woman recounts her shocking story of being sexually assaulted while trying to sell her dryer. As she was carrying the dryer up the stairs, the buyer proceeded to assault her when she was vulnerable before returning later in the day while drunk.

Daily Sexism and Male Entitlement

A Twitter thread is causing a stir online as it sheds light on women’s daily struggles due to sexism and male entitlement.

The mighty hashtag #MeToo movement has already highlighted the experiences of survivors of sexual harassment and assault.

Women are now emphasizing the effects of misogyny on them every single day.

This thread is going viral as it exposes how men frequently scare, trigger, and traumatize women through their actions, leaving them feeling threatened.

A Disturbing Encounter With a Creepy Man

The thread began when a mother on Twitter named Sara @tragedythyme shared her disturbing encounter with a creepy man.

It all started when he offered to buy her a dryer, but the situation quickly turned uncomfortable.

Despite Sara specifying an earlier time for him to arrive at her house, he showed up after her husband had left for work.

He then pleaded with her to help carry the heavy appliance from the basement, using this opportunity to harass her sexually.

She Felt Angry, Scared, and Trapped

The incident left Sara angry, scared, and trapped.

To make matters worse, the man returned later that evening, intoxicated.

Fearing for her safety, Sara called the police for protection.

Sharing her story, Sara tweeted, “Events like this, even when we come out okay, take an emotional toll. I was scared.”

Many Women Shared Their Stories

Sara’s account resonated with many women who shared their own experiences with men’s threatening behavior.

This thread prompted an outpouring of stories and reflections on men’s entitlement and privilege.

Activist Danielle Muscato also contributed to the conversation with a viral Twitter thread, asking women what they would do if men had a curfew.

Many expressed relief at the idea of enjoying nighttime activities without the constant fear of men.

Men Are Oblivious to Even the Basest Abuse That Women Have To Deal With

Some replied to Sara’s thread with their love and support, such as @drmiketodorovic, who said, “My god, this is horrid. I am so terribly sorry.”

Men even admitted they struggle to understand how big a problem this is for women, “This is terrible. I’m glad it didn’t get any worse than this. As I am finding out in my own home, many men are oblivious to even the basest abuse that women have to deal with on a daily basis. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this issue.”

Has the article had an effect on the way you view the struggles women face? Let us know in the comments.

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