“There Are Only Two Genders” T-Shirt Got Schoolboy Kicked Out of Class: Confronting School Board “Are Their Feelings More Important Than My Rights?”

In a recent clash highlighting the ongoing tension between personal beliefs and inclusivity in schools, a 12-year-old student from Nichols Middle School in Middleborough, Massachusetts, took the stage to confront his school committee after allegedly being penalized for wearing a t-shirt with the statement, “There are only two genders.”

Schoolboy’s Shirt Sparks Debate

The situation caught wider attention when a video of Liam Morrison’s passionate confrontation with his school committee surfaced on the ‘Libs of TikTok’ Twitter account.

The incident began on March 21 when Liam, a seventh grader at Nichols Middle School, was reportedly ushered out of his gym class. The reason?

Concerns and complaints about the statement on his shirt that some found controversial and potentially distressing.

To many, the shirt became emblematic of ongoing debates about freedom of speech and inclusivity in education.

His Side of the Story

“I never thought a shirt would land me here,” Liam remarked, opening his address to the school committee on April 13.

Reflecting on that day, he recalled, “Words on a shirt made people feel unsafe. They said I wasn’t in trouble, yet it felt exactly like that.”

Liam refused to remove the shirt and was subsequently removed from school. “I didn’t want to change, so they called my father. Luckily, he stood by me,” said Liam, detailing the sequence of events.

“There. Are. Only. Two. Genders.”

Addressing the central conflict, he stated, “What did my shirt say? Five simple words: There. Are. Only. Two. Genders. Nothing aggressive, nothing intimidating. Merely an opinion I view as fact.”

He continued by querying the alleged double standards. “I have been told that my shirt was targeting a protected class; who is this protected class? Are their feelings more important than my rights?” Liam challenged.

Double Standards

Liam drew a comparison between the pride flags and diversity posters seen throughout the school, “I don’t complain when I see pride flags and diversity posters hung throughout the school. Do you know why? Because others have a right to their beliefs just as I do.”

Feedback from fellow students was mostly supportive, he asserted, with several allegedly telling him they endorsed his shirt’s message.

Despite being told that his shirt was causing “a disruption of learning,” Liam was adamant.

No Harm Intended

“No one got up and stormed out of class; no one burst into tears. […] I experience disruptions to my learning every day. Kids acting out in class are a disruption, yet nothing is done.”

However, the crux of his argument hinged on an essential question: “Why do the rules apply to one yet not another?”

He reiterated that he did not don the shirt intending to hurt or create chaos but that it felt like adults at the school were telling him it wasn’t okay to have an opposing view.

Defending First Amendment Rights

Sharing the lessons he garnered from the experience, Liam said, “I learned that a lot of other students share my view. I learned that adults don’t always do the right thing or make the right decisions.”

Asserting his First Amendment right, Liam said, “Even at 12 years old, I have my own political opinions, and I have a right to express those opinions, even at school.”

Safeguarding Freedom of Expression

Concluding, Liam hoped the committee would safeguard the rights of students to express diverse opinions.

“Next time, it may not only be me; there might be more students that decide to speak out. Thank you for your time, and good night,” the seventh-grader ended on a defiant note.

The Massachusetts Family Institute, a non-partisan public policy organization, announced they’d provide legal backing to young Liam.

Balancing Free Speech and Inclusivity

The controversy surrounding Liam’s shirt and his subsequent stand against the committee’s action underscores the ongoing battle in schools to find a balance between upholding students’ First Amendment rights and fostering a harmonious, inclusive environment for all.

How the school board reacts will set a precedent for similar cases in the future, marking another chapter in the enduring debate on the freedom of speech.

As debates like this continue, schools and communities are urged to establish clear guidelines that consider all perspectives while ensuring students feel safe and respected.

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