Two Million TikTokers Call Out T-Shirt That ‘Disrespects’ Black Lives Matter Movement, but First, Coffee

One user on TikTok expressed their disappointment in this shocking t-shirt that makes a joke about the BLM movement. In the video, the user reads out the text on the t-shirt before using an expletive to address their anger.

The Black Lives Matter Firestorm

A Black Lives Matter T-shirt has ignited a firestorm of controversy and disbelief among users, leaving everyone scratching their heads.

In a viral video that has amassed nearly two million views, TikToker Ashton, known as @ashray, shared an image of the shirt. 

The design featured the unmistakable words “Black Lives Matter” along with a graphic of a coffee mug bearing the phrase “But first, coffee.” 

The two messages led to widespread confusion and outrage as TikTok users wonder why this would be sold and who would actually wear it.

Pretty in Pink, or Blue

Ashton’s reaction said it all when they used an expletive to show their anger at those who purchased it. 

The bright colors of blue and pink are a strange choice for a top that has such a dark meaning.

The comments section of the video quickly filled with users expressing their astonishment and questioning the inappropriate message.

One user couldn’t help but exclaim, “You just KNOW it was some Karen with a live, laugh, love aesthetic that came up with this.” 


Another was just as stunned, stating, “I gasped so hard I nearly swallowed my own tongue.”

A third user expressed their disbelief, asking, “WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS OKAY????” 

Let us know your thoughts on this shocking piece of clothing in the comments below.

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