“Ukraine Today, Taiwan Tomorrow” – Retreating from a War Against Russia: Would Trigger a “Death Sentence” for Taiwan

A US Senator has issued a deeply concerning warning to the U.S. officials in charge of sending funds to Ukraine, arguing that cutting the funds would be a “Death Penalty” for Taiwan as the Chinese would most likely invade the country if the U.S. loses interest.

The Ripple Effect

Senator Lindsey Graham strongly warned of the dire consequences of terminating aid to Ukraine, linking it to a potentially catastrophic outcome for Taiwan. 

He expressed worry regarding the ripple effects of such a decision, calling it a “Death Penalty” for China’s neighbors.

The House of Representatives moved Ukraine’s aid to a separate bill, putting essential funding at risk depending on who is elected as the next Speaker after Kevin McCarthy was ousted earlier in the week.

The Republican who spearheaded the ousting of McCarthy, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, among many other Republicans, opposes significant funding to Ukraine, making the future uncertain for Ukraine’s aid.

The “Biggest Mistake”

Senator Graham spoke about the delicate matter of seeking support for Ukraine from former President Donald Trump. Considering Trump’s previous policy inclinations, his involvement in this critical decision could be huge.

Graham voiced apprehensions about the abrupt U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, calling it the “biggest mistake” the U.S. has made and arguing that pulling out of Ukraine would be “ten times worse.”

Graham also warned of Taiwan’s vulnerability, stressing that withdrawing support for Ukraine could have severe implications for the island nation and cause a domino effect on other countries as a result. 

Graham predicted heightened Russian aggression if the U.S. were to withdraw support for Ukraine, “You missed all of World War II if you don’t know how this movie ends,” he said.

Global Democratic Community

The remarks echo concerns on Taiwanese social media, where the Chinese Communist Party has been flooding Taiwanese networks with propaganda and psychological warfare. 

Graham finally pointed out what the likely outcome would be if Ukraine won the war with Russia, arguing that “China’s less likely to invade Taiwan, and Putin gets stopped.”

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated its commitment and friendship with Taiwan, “Taiwan has always been sincerely grateful to our friends in the U.S. Congress for their continued concern for peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.”

Taiwan insisted on its dedication to strengthening democracy across the world, “Taiwan will work together with all like-minded partners to strengthen the resilience of the global democratic community, jointly maintain regional peace and stability, and counter threats and expansion by authoritarian regimes.”

“Ukraine Today, Taiwan Tomorrow”

The phrase “Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow” has been a strong message from the Taiwanese people on social media regarding the detrimental domino effect that the U.S. pulling out of Ukraine could have on the country.

The Taiwanese defense ministry recognized the aggression that both Taiwan and Ukraine face, “Taiwan and Ukraine are both at the forefront of fighting authoritarian expansion,” they admitted.

Taiwan ensured its public that they will always look towards strengthening their defense and protecting their people, “As a responsible democratic member of the Indo-Pacific region, Taiwan will continue to strengthen its self-defense capabilities and resolve.”

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