“They Will Be Defeated Sooner” – Ukraine’s ‘Counter-Offensive,’ a Huge Shift in the War’s Trajectory

Recent developments in Ukraine’s counteroffensive along the southern front have shown promising breakthroughs as the situation on the ground intensifies, and confident General Oleksandr Tarnavsky claimed that the best is yet to come.

Not Like the Movies

General Tarnavsky, a key figure in Ukraine’s counteroffensive, provided insights into the progress and challenges faced by Ukrainian forces. 

The general acknowledged that while the advance was not as rapid as depicted in war movies, maintaining initiative and strategic actions were of paramount importance, “Not as fast as it was expected, not like in the movies about the Second World War,” he admitted.

Ukrainian forces claimed to have breached the “First line” of Russian strongholds in the Zaporizhzia region, signaling their encroachment towards Moscow’s fortified trenches along the southern front. 

Key battles near the village of Verbove have shown that Ukrainian units may have crossed crucial Russian defenses.

Disrupting the ‘Land Bridge’ 

One of Ukraine’s primary objectives is to disrupt Russia’s “land bridge” that links the territory in the east to annexed Crimea. 

General Tarnavsky believes the bridge is a strategic hub for Russia and claimed that reaching the bridge would significantly impact the war’s balance in Ukraine’s favor.

Progress has been slower than anticipated due to the complex battlefield, including a combination of enemy defense groups and various obstacles, and it turns out the Russians are quick to adapt.

“The Russians are learning quite fast, as they don’t have any other choice. If they don’t learn, they will be defeated sooner,” Tarnavsky argued, implying they will be beaten eventually.

Despite these challenges, General Tarnavsky said this when asked if there will be a breakthrough, “I believe yes,” he claimed, “I think it will happen after Tokmak. At the moment (the Russians) are relying on the depth of their defensive line there.”

Fighting the Weather 

Addressing concerns about harsh weather conditions affecting the counteroffensive, General Tarnavsky denied that it would stop Ukraine from reaching its goal of winning back its state borders.

General Tarnavsky also touched upon the presence of the Wagner group, acknowledging their sporadic appearances “Here and there” on the front line following the death of their former leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Strikes on Crimea, such as the recent missile attack on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Sevastopol, are considered essential for Ukraine’s counteroffensive success. 

They disrupt the enemy’s concentration of resources and serve as rallying points, boosting morale among Ukrainian forces and fostering hope for the future.

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