Ukraine’s Surprising Triumph: The “Functional Defeat” of Putin’s Prized Black Sea Fleet

Ukraine’s relentless assault in the Black Sea has sent shockwaves through the geopolitical landscape. As Vladimir Putin’s prized naval fleet faces a “functional defeat,” the world watches closely to see if this strategic turning point will reshape the course of the conflict.

Slow but Steady Gains

In the ever-evolving theater of Ukraine’s conflict with Russia, recently intensified attacks by Ukrainian forces in the Black Sea have brought about what UK Defence Minister James Heappey has referred to as the “functional defeat” of Vladimir Putin’s prized Black Sea fleet.

While acknowledging that Ukraine’s counteroffensive has been gradual, Heappey emphasized that progress is indeed being made, with significant daily gains after breaching Russia’s formidable defensive barriers. 

Ukraine’s efforts to diminish Russia’s naval dominance in the Black Sea have intensified, with Ukrainian drone attacks targeting the Black Sea fleet in recent weeks. This fleet, symbolically significant to Russia, had previously been used to launch missile attacks on Ukraine and threaten Kyiv’s vital grain exports.

A New Maritime Corridor

With Russia’s withdrawal from a UN-brokered grain deal in July, Ukraine sought to establish a new maritime corridor along its coastline, enabling the safe passage of grain shipments.

Amid these developments, the UK’s Ministry of Defence noted that the Black Sea fleet was struggling to address concurrent threats. Russia had resorted to using air power to exert its influence in the region as fleet activities moved eastward from Sevastopol to Novorssiysk. However, these tactical setbacks for Russia mark a significant turning point in the Black Sea.

Heappey and Nato’s Admiral Rob Bauer raised concerns about the dwindling ammunition reserves of Kyiv’s Western allies. Admiral Bauer emphasized the need for nations to accelerate ammunition production, highlighting that the current just-in-time, just-enough economy was ill-suited for times of conflict.

This raises a crucial question: If not during a war in Europe, when should nations prioritize defense spending at 2 percent of their GDP?

A Show of Solidarity

In a show of solidarity, US President Joe Biden convened a call with G7 and Nato leaders to secure funding for Ukraine. Biden’s determination to secure the necessary aid reflects the global commitment to supporting Ukraine’s struggle.

Similarly, UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak pledged unwavering support for Kyiv, underscoring the belief that Ukraine’s fight is a shared responsibility that requires international cooperation.

The situation on the ground in Ukraine remains dynamic. Ukrainian forces claimed to have destroyed numerous drones launched by Russia, along with a cruise missile, in an overnight barrage lasting three hours. Counteroffensive operations continue in various regions, and President Volodymyr Zelensky has personally visited troops near Kupiansk, where Russian forces have been staging attacks.

Insubordination in the Russian Ranks

Additionally, reports have emerged of Russian soldiers being disciplined and sent to the frontlines as part of penal units known as “Storm-Z” squads due to insubordination and misconduct.

Ukraine’s recent successes in the Black Sea are of paramount significance in the ongoing conflict with Russia. The weakening of the Black Sea fleet, coupled with Western allies’ concerns about ammunition shortages, underscores the need for sustained international support for Ukraine.

As the world watches the unfolding developments in the region, it becomes increasingly evident that the dynamics of the conflict are shifting, potentially paving the way for a more favorable outcome for Ukraine and its allies.

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