Hotel’s “Beautiful” Bomb Shelter – Ukraine’s Tourism Industry Isn’t Suffering the Way You’d Expect

With the despicable invasion from Russia and the ongoing conflict in the country, you might have expected Ukraine’s tourism industry to have dropped off slightly, but here are the unexpected reasons why it’s doing just fine.

Struggling Ukrainian Hotel

In the wake of the Covid pandemic and Russia’s invasion, the Hotel Leopolis in Lviv, Ukraine, faced unprecedented challenges, yet its doors remained open.

The hotel management chose to continue renovations during air strikes, displaying a remarkable commitment to their guests and the future.

“We decided to continue renovations to be ready when the war ends,” revealed General Manager Kateryna Matiushchenko.

Even during the conflict, the hotel had a steady flow of guests, surpassing pre-Covid levels, something that Matiushchenko admitted was “Better than we planned… given the constant threat of massive attacks and electricity switch-offs.”

“Beautiful” Bomb Shelter

The hotel’s bomb shelter, formerly a cigar lounge turned private event space, provides safety and comfort amidst the unpredictable conflict.

Igor Gut and Finnish guest Hanna Karttunen shared their gratitude for the hotel’s bomb shelter, “I know this shelter at the Leopolis is where I will go next time,” describing it as “beautiful.”

Gut even admitted that “You always have somebody to drink with,” sharing the community feeling that’s shining even through these challenging times.

Ukraine’s western regions, including Lviv and Carpathian mountain resorts, have been popular for both international and local tourists seeking refuge from the conflict, “Almost 3,000 foreign media representatives were registered [in 2022],” said the head of the Lviv tourism office.

Family Reunions

Families separated by distance or conflict find solace in reuniting at the country’s resorts, making the most of the peaceful location.

Hotels have become sanctuaries for internally displaced persons (IDPs), providing accommodations, meals, and emotional support in times of crisis.

The Edem Golf Club has partnered their gold pros with doctors to give assistance to wounded soldiers on the club’s grounds.

“We lost one waiter from the restaurant. He was a soldier, and he was killed there. And we have one guy who is missing. He was a soldier as well.” The CEO of Edem tearfully announced.

Preserving History?

Museums play a crucial role in preserving history and culture; that’s why tourists and locals visit them regularly, with a newfound desire to learn more about Ukraine’s history.

Some travel companies are staying afloat by organizing children’s camps to keep up the spirits of those who are vulnerable while also enabling a steady flow of income.

Lviv’s hospitality industry contributes to the conflict’s battlefront by offering food, accommodation, and support to those impacted by the war.

The war’s toll on hospitality professionals is clear, with many losing homes, jobs, and loved ones.

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