Leaving Dad Behind: Ukrainian Woman Shares Her Harrowing Experiences as a Refugee

One brave woman from Ukraine has attempted to shed light on the dire situation faced by refugees as she posts a video of her saying goodbye to her father at the Romanian border. She explains her heartbreaking story in a follow-up video.

Forced to Flee Ukraine

Diana Totok, a 19-year-old forced to flee Ukraine, had to leave her father behind at the border.

Diana, her sister Darina, and their mother fled Ukraine, leaving their pastor father behind due to wartime laws banning men from leaving.

Through a wire fence at the Romania-Ukraine border, Diana films the heart-wrenching moment of parting with her father, drawing global sympathy.

A “Horror Movie”

With 19.8 million views and counting, Diana’s video receives an outpouring of prayers and well-wishes from concerned viewers worldwide.

In another video, Diana documents the gripping events of their escape – from packing to crossing borders, leaving her home, and making an emotional train journey.

Feeling like a “horror movie,” Diana films to cope with the overwhelming situation, finding solace in arranging her thoughts.

Keeping in Touch

Diana maintains contact with her father, ensuring he’s safe, even though they are separated.

With her mother and sister, Diana finds refuge with other refugees in Romania and takes to her platform to raise funds for fellow Ukrainians.

Diana believes her videos will serve as a testament to the turmoil faced by her generation in the future.

Heartbreak and Hope

Diana remains hopeful about the future, dreaming of going back home to Ukraine after the war to contribute to rebuilding her country.

One TikToker said, “Welcome to Romania. You are loved and safe here.”

Another put, “Damn this broke my heart.”

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