He Turned His Uncle in for Human Trafficking: Workers Held Hostage to Be “Saved”

A young man had Redditors singing his praises after he got his uncle in trouble. But he also made life a lot easier for one poor soul in the process. Here is the whole story.

Worshipper Becomes Nonbeliever

OP is a young man who recently left his church after a lifetime of worshiping with his family. He now considers himself a nonbeliever.

But OP’s family isn’t quite ready to give up on him, and they keep trying to pull him back into the church.

OP’s dad is mainly focused on bringing his son back into the fold. The older man keeps sending church members out to try and “save” the young man.

During one recent such rescue mission, two church members showed up at OP’s farm to try and lure him back.

Workers on a Mission Trip

When they showed up, the two young men offered to help OP around the farm, and he took them up on it. The three of them chatted as they went about doing some chores.

In the course of their conversation, OP learned that the other men were volunteers from another country. They were on a mission trip and had committed to spending two years working with OP’s former church.

The men also talked about OP’s life and how he was doing. He also had the chance to tell them why he had stopped believing.

Friendship and Change of Heart

Although the missionaries were not successful in pulling OP back into the church, they did strike up something of a friendship.

The following week, one of the other young men called OP and told him that their visit had helped him a lot.

It seems the volunteer was unsure about his own beliefs when he left home. The conversation with OP cleared it up for him, and he also now considers himself a nonbeliever.

Plans to Head Home

Since his heart had changed, the volunteer wanted to leave OP’s former church and head home, but there was a problem.

The man’s volunteer coordinator refused to return the young man’s passport until he had fulfilled his 2-year obligation. That coordinator happened to be OP’s uncle.

So OP called up his uncle and asked him to return the young man’s passport. But the uncle accused OP of corrupting the other man and refused to release the volunteer’s documentation.

Threatening His Uncle With Cops

OP told his uncle he would go to the police if he had to, but his uncle said he didn’t have the guts to turn him in.

That was all the prodding OP needed. He called the local police, who directed him to the embassy of the country where the volunteer was from.

OP called that embassy, and they hit his uncle with a considerable fine. They also gave him three days to return the volunteer’s documents before they charged him with human trafficking.

Facing Fines and Firing

Faced with a brewing scandal, the church fired OP’s uncle from his job as a paid coordinator.

Now OP’s family is furious with him, and they think he planned the whole scheme to punish them and his uncle. 

They say OP’s uncle has too many physical problems to get another job and may end up on the street.

OP feels terrible that his uncle is in a bad spot because of him, and he wonders now if he overreacted. He’s second-guessing himself for going straight to the police.

He Did the Right Thing

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP’s decision to turn in his uncle.

Most of them think the uncle and the church were holding the volunteers hostage and that OP is a hero for helping to set them free.

Many advise OP to stay as far away from his family and former church as he can.

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