“Liberalism Kills Everything” – University Promoting Puberty Blockers Faces Backlash

The curriculum at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, has come under scrutiny due to its content, particularly its discussions on trans healthcare, nutrition, and societal disparities. Here’s the full story.

The Concerns

Do No Harm, a medical and political advocacy group has raised concerns about specific aspects of the curriculum.

Criticism has been directed at the course titled Care of Transgender Patients” for promoting what is perceived as a “progressive gender agenda.”

Advocacy for Cross-Sex Hormones

Notably, concerns arise from the curriculum’s advocacy for cross-sex hormones, according to the PowerPoint presentation slides obtained by Fox News.

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, the chairman of Do No Harm, shared that the curriculum appears to promote political ideologies, with particular concern about advocating puberty blockers for children, which goes against Missouri law.

“This law aligns with the best scientific evidence, as determined by five European nations whose healthcare systems have conducted thorough and systematic research,” Goldfarb added.

BMI Is Racist

The controversy extends to the curriculum’s discussions on race, nutrition, and historical context.

In one of the presentation slides, there’s a TikTok video saying that the determination of daily caloric needs was based on experiments that resulted in the deaths of indigenous children while linking it to white history.

Another claim made in the course is that Body Mass Index (BMI) should stand for “badly mistaken idea” because it does not consider gender or ethnicity when determining an individual’s health.

However, Goldfarb said, “There is no disputing that individuals who have high body mass index (BMI) have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.”

Counterproductive and Unscientific

“Trying to deny this well-established observation is counterproductive and unscientific. While there is no reason to discriminate against individuals who have high body mass index, it is equally important not to dismiss the significance of BMI concerns, especially in children.”

“Providing interventions that educate children about healthy eating habits is crucial for their long-term well-being,” Goldfarb added.

Twitter Users Expressed Their Views

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the recent events.

One Twitter user wrote, “Ridiculous to focus on something so basic and make it a racial thing. Why not just come up with BMI for every race? Good luck with that.”

“What Has Happened to Our Universities?”

Another user added, “What has happened to our universities? Once they were the envy of every kid that cared to get ahead. Now? I wouldn’t give my $ to them, especially those like this school. Parents! Make sure you understand the ideology of the college your child wants to attend!”

A third user commented, “Taking another school off the list that my child will attend! Starting to run out of schools.”

“Liberalism Kills Everything”

A fourth user wrote, “Medicine is going down the tubes. Liberalism kills everything it touches.”

A fifth user added, “The school should lose their teaching credentials since they are now not based in factual science.”

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