Unrealistic Sister, Expects Little Sis to Provide Financial Support for Yet Another Unplanned Pregnancy: She’s “Not Living in Reality”

Alena, a 22-year-old woman, found herself in a rather tricky situation when her 25-year-old sister Mia announced her unexpected pregnancy. As the financial supporter of Mia and her first child, Alena faced a decision that tested the boundaries of sisterly love.

Sisterly Support

Mia, a young mother, had a 7-month-old son whose father had abandoned them just a week after the child’s birth. 

This abandonment left Mia in a vulnerable situation, both emotionally and financially.

 Seeing her sister’s plight, Alena stepped into shoulder the responsibility of supporting Mia and her young nephew. 

She helped Mia regain her footing and actively search for a job. 

Questioning Her Life Choices

However, two days ago, things took an unexpected turn. Mia rang Alena, her voice excitedly, announcing she had BIG news to share.

 Alena, with a sinking heart and keen intuition, braced herself for what Mia would say. Her suspicion was confirmed when Mia revealed she was expecting another child!

Mia was overjoyed as she shared how she had met a new man whom she hadn’t mentioned to Alena before. 

She’d Found ‘The One’

She described how kind he had been to both her and her baby and expressed that he was “the one.” Mia couldn’t wait to build the family she had always dreamt of.

However, Alena had some big concerns, which she laid out straight. The man Mia was talking about hadn’t been in her life for long, yet she was already expecting his child and contemplating marriage. 

Mia’s reasoning for this huge life decision was simply because he was kind towards her and her child. He didn’t contribute financially or didn’t seem to offer support in any way.

Doubting Them Going the Distance

From Alena’s perspective, the relationship was not likely to last, and she worried Mia would soon find herself as a single mother of two. 

Not to mention the health risks associated with Mia becoming pregnant so soon after her previous kid.

But Mia DID NOT take this well. She told Alena she was being “fake” and that she wasn’t acting like family. 

Why wasn’t Alena supporting her, just like their mom was? This was when Mia revealed that their mom had been “kissing her ass and enforcing the rose-colored glasses Mia has” by telling her romantic stories of how their stepdad only knew her for two months before they married, and so on.

Financial Burden 

So Alena drew a line in the sand, making it clear that while Mia had the power to make her choices, Alena would no longer financially support these decisions. 

She said, “I’m not pressuring you into anything. This is your choice, but I refuse to be financing this choice. You’re on your own, Mia. I can’t enable you to dig yourself further in holes you can’t climb out of the cause of irresponsible unplanned pregnancies, and I refuse to.”

Emotional Response

Mia’s response was swift and emotional. She started crying, called Alena a witch, and shouted about how Alena didn’t want her to be happy when she hung the phone up.

The aftermath of this exchange left both sisters drained and conflicted. Their mom had sided with Mia, expressing her disappointment in Alena.

And now Alena was grappling with the guilt, wondering if her words had been too harsh or if she should have chosen a different approach.

Rash Decisions

So she asked Reddit, “I’m just at my breaking point. Am I being unreasonable?”

The Reddit community overwhelmingly supported Alena in her difficult decision. 

Many Redditors firmly believed that Alena was not at fault, even if her words to Mia might have been ruder than intended. The consensus was that Mia’s decisions were reckless, especially considering her current financial circumstances.

“Not Living in Reality”

Redditors were quick to point out the irony in Mia calling Alena “fake,” as many viewed Alena as the only person being genuinely honest with Mia about her situation.

Some critiqued Mia’s choices, suggesting that she was being naive about her new relationship and questioning her ability to provide for another child. One user said, “She’s not living in reality.”

Many Redditors couldn’t understand how Mia expected her younger sister, just starting out in life, to shoulder such a financial burden. 

Prioritizing Her Own Well-Being

They also criticized Mia and the mother for their misplaced expectations and urged Alena to protect her own future, with one user saying, “Your mother and sister are delusional. Don’t let her and your mother drag you down with them.”

A lot of people urged Alena to put her foot down, with one user saying, “You already did quite a lot helping, and you are a good family member. You have your own life and you made a right choice in here.” 

The consensus was clear: Alena was not in the wrong and should prioritize her own life and financial well-being. 

But what do you think? Who’s in the wrong? Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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