Unveiling LGBTQ+ Censorship and Harsh Penalties Faced: The Word “Homosexual” Now Forbidden in This Muslim Country

A Muslim country has just sparked worldwide outrage by banning its media from using the terms “homosexuality” and “homosexual,” demanding that they replace them with a dark, derogatory term.

Banning “Homosexual” Words

The Media and Communications Commission of Iraq has made a shocking move that has ignited a wave of criticism both locally and internationally. 

The directive demands that all media and social platforms in the country are forbidden from using the terms “homosexual” and “homosexuality.” 

They have demanded that these terms be replaced with the phrase “sexual deviancy.”

Unknown Penalties for Noncompliance

The decision claims to be in the interest of protecting societal values and maintaining public order, and the commission argues that the terms “homosexuality, homosexual, and gender” carry negative undertones within Iraqi society.

While the new directive doesn’t outline specific penalties for noncompliance, a government representative hinted at potential fines.

Iraq’s laws might not explicitly criminalize homosexuality, but this shocking move has already led to frightening consequences. 

Fatal Attacks

Discrimination, abuse, and even fatal attacks against the LGBTQ community have become a grim reality in Iraq.

Amnesty International has raised a red flag, dubbing the directive a “dangerous move” that could encourage discrimination and violence against the LGBTQ community in Iraq.

Amnesty International is urging Iraqi authorities to backtrack on this decision immediately, arguing that the right to freedom of expression should be available to everyone.

Death Penalty

The punishment for homosexuality varies across Muslim nations, ranging from discrimination to the most extreme consequence: death. 

In some countries, like Saudi Arabia and Iran, homosexual acts are still punishable by execution.

In countries where homosexuality is allowed by law, LGBTQ individuals still encounter difficulties.

For example, in Jordan, LGBTQ people struggle as venues are attacked and violence persists.

The backlash against this move shows the struggle that this community faces in this part of the world.

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