“Unwavering Support,” for Ukraine, UN Laws be Damned – US Delivers Over a Million Rounds of Ammo STOLEN From Iran

The United States has controversially answered Ukraine’s ammunition shortage by delivering more than a million rounds to the war-torn country. Why is this controversial? The rounds were seized from a ship in Iran.

Ammunition Sent to Ukraine

The Pentagon confirmed the transfer of 1.1 million rounds of 7.62mm small arms ammunition to Ukraine; the legality of such a move is questionable.

These rounds, which can be used for similar firearms, including Soviet Kalashnikovs, used by the Ukrainian military, had been stored at US military facilities in the Middle East.

This move is a crucial response to the growing shortage of ammunition faced by Ukraine as it continues its counteroffensive against Russia.

The Central Command admitted that the ammunition was seized after a ship was intercepted in the Persian Gulf.

The UN Asking Questions

“These munitions were originally seized by US Central Command naval forces from the transiting stateless dhow Marwan 1, 9 December, 2022,” announced the US military’s Central Command in Tampa, Florida.

The vessel, the Marwan 1, was found to be carrying munitions intended for transfer from the Iranian military to the Houthis in Yemen, violating United Nations Security Council Resolution 2216.

This transfer of seized ammunition raised many legal questions, as United Nations regulations dictate that nations must either destroy or store seized weapons.

After the interception, the ammunition was securely warehoused in the Middle East, resulting in the US filing for a forfeiture that would transfer the rightful ownership to the US military.

A Stark Warning

The transfer aims to enhance Ukraine’s counteroffensive capabilities, providing essential ammunition required to combat the forces challenging its sovereignty.

Now, though, supplies are running out.

This audacious transfer of seized Iranian weaponry to Ukraine comes at a critical moment in the war with Russia, with Western defense ministries admitting they’re struggling to continuously supply Ukraine with ammunition.

Admiral Rob Bauer, the chair of the NATO military committee and the highest-ranking military official within the alliance issued a stark warning, declaring, “The bottom of the barrel is now visible,” during a conference in Warsaw. 

Unwavering Support

This ammunition transfer stands as a demonstration of unwavering support from the United States to Ukraine at a time when the future aid from the US looks bleak.

The latest stopgap spending bill passed by the US House, with Ukraine funding removed from the list, leaving people uncertain about the future.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted from the House in a move spearheaded by a Florida Rep. who disagrees with the large funding to Ukraine. 

If the new Speaker elected has similar views to a lot of the Republican party, who are against funding Ukraine, then the future could be bleak for the country fighting for its sovereignty.

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