Oops! Trump’s ‘Unwitting Confession?’ Did Election Night Claim Inadvertently Implicate Him in Election Interference?

In his Meet The Press interview, Trump may have unknowingly admitted to committing some serious crimes during the 2020 election campaign.

How Did He ‘Know’ He’d Won By 10pm?

In a recent interview with NBC, former prosecutor Andrew Weissmann uncovered what could be a bombshell revelation by former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election race.

Key Revelations from NBC Interview Andrew Weissmann, a significant figure in the Russia investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, analyzed Trump’s statements during his Meet The Press interview.

Trump’s surprising revelation came when he claimed he knew he had won the 2020 election by 10 p.m. on election night, implying a deeper involvement than previously suspected.

Weissmann pointed out Trump’s knowledge of the ‘red mirage,’ where early in-person votes skewed in his favor, but he and his allies wanted to halt further vote counting, “That was something that’s got very little attention, and that was something of an effort to stop the count of votes,” he said.

“The Red Mirage”

Weissmann spoke about how Trump and his allies planned to capitalize on the ‘red mirage’ by urging states to halt counting votes on election night, “the president and his allies had talked about this before the election and then tried to put it into effect on the night of the election. They knew there would be this thing called the ‘red mirage.'”

Trump’s bashing of the mail-in voting system and baseless claims of fraud set the stage for his election night strategy to halt the vote count.

Trump’s pre-election strategy involved exploiting the ‘red mirage’ to cast doubt on the legitimacy of late-counted mail-in ballots that favored his opponent, Joe Biden.

The January 6 House Select Committee revealed how Trump’s actions on election night contributed to potential charges, including obstruction and civil rights violations.

“You Can’t Do That”

Weissmann pointed out how Trump’s election night efforts aligned with potential obstruction charges, attempting to interfere with the vote-counting process, “That feeds into two of the three charges, like a hand in the glove — which is obstruction and the 241 Civil Rights violation. Because you can’t do that, you can’t not count American votes.” Weissman said.

According to Weissmann’s analysis of the interview, Trump’s attempt to hinder the vote count could constitute a civil rights violation, leading to what will be a lengthy legal battle.

Trump faces potential state charges in Georgia for alleged election interference, adding to the legal jeopardy he now confronts.

Post-presidency, Trump moved classified information to Mar-A-Lago, raising legal concerns and leading to federal charges in Florida.

Federal Charges

Trump’s actions post-presidency in Florida brought federal charges, further complicating his legal situation and potentially tying back to his election conduct.

Trump faces numerous investigations and pending trials in New York, both civil and criminal, adding to his mounting legal troubles.

Allegations Weissmann revealed how Trump’s plan to claim victory on election night connects to allegations of election interference, raising serious legal implications.

Trump’s actions on election night underscored the lengths he was willing to go to in his attempt to retain power, as revealed in the interview.

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