“It’s Like 1984” – Using the Wrong Gender Pronouns Could Send You to Prison

The UK’s Labor Party has unveiled a controversial proposal where deliberately using incorrect gender pronouns or referring to someone by their former name or birth sex could be classified as a hate crime, punishable by imprisonment. Here’s the full story.

“Aggravated Offenses”

The move is part of the Labor Party’s strategy to boost sentencing guidelines for abuse and violence directed at trans individuals.

By categorizing attacks rooted in gender identity hatred as “aggravated offenses,” Labor aims to afford transphobic abuse the same severity as hate crimes based on race or religion.

Justice for Trans Individuals

The Labour Party’s vision behind this proposed legislation is to provide increased protection and justice for trans individuals who often face harassment and violence due to their gender identity.

By treating misgendering or the use of incorrect pronouns as serious offenses, the party seeks to establish a strong deterrent against transphobia in society.

This move is in line with Labour’s commitment to standing against discrimination and promoting equality for all.

The Criticism

However, the proposal has caused significant criticism, especially from those concerned about its implications for free speech.

One of the primary worries among critics is that the legislation might infringe on individual rights to express personal beliefs.

This Isn’t Enough for Labour

A senior Tory source said, “Some police forces have shown themselves overzealous in the pursuit of supposed hate crimes and this reform would send them a signal to go even further. We’ve seen people arrested for misgendering but this isn’t enough for Labour – they want them locked up for two years.”

The Risks With This Policy

Caroline Ffiske from Conservatives for Women questioned the prioritization of “gender identity” over biological sex, highlighting the concerns of many women who resist being legally obligated to refer to someone as a different gender than their biological one.

Caroline said, “We have serious and legitimate concerns over being expected, in the workplace, when using public services or in private life, to refer to a man as ‘she/her’. Is there a risk with this policy that a woman could be accused of harassment for correctly sexing a man and then for that to be treated as an aggravated offense?”

Legal Consequences for Misgendering

The discussion around the proposed legislation also draws attention to recent legal cases where individuals faced legal consequences for misgendering and expressing their beliefs.

Instances where individuals were convicted but later had their verdicts overturned on appeal have further intensified the debate.

Anneliese Dodds, Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary, defended the proposal, and said, “The Conservatives are failing to protect LGBT+ people with their inability to get a handle on hate crime, including violent hate crime. Labor will strengthen the law to ensure the perpetrators of anti-LGBT+ hate can no longer dodge longer sentences.”

“And our fully funded plan to recruit 13,000 more neighborhood police and community support officers would increase safety for everyone,” Dodds added.

Twitter Users Expressed Their Views

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the proposal.

One Twitter user wrote, “Ok send me to jail. I refuse to use made-up pronouns and language that makes me a liar. To date, I have never been in a situation where this has been the case. I will always treat people with respect on the condition that is reciprocated.”

The World Has Literally Gone Insane

Another user added, “It’s like 1984. The world has literally gone insane and I don’t know if there’s any way back to sanity.”

A third user commented, “Legally can’t do that, another BS threat from Labor which will lose them even more votes.”

A fourth user wrote, “I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with them for a living, having to stand on guard in that manner all the time, we automatically call a male he and a female she. I fail to see how they think this will gain their votes, most people are concerned about violent crimes.”

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