Utah Man’s Deadly Confrontation with FBI Over Alleged Biden Assassination Plot

A Utah man was shot dead by FBI agents for suspected threats against President Biden, just hours before Biden visited Utah.

Alleged Threats Directed Towards President Biden

Craig Deleeuw Robertson, hailing from Provo, Utah, met a tragic end as FBI agents fatally shot him on Wednesday while executing a warrant. This incident occurred mere hours before President Joe Biden’s anticipated arrival in the state known as the Beehive State.

Official sources have confirmed that Robertson had been a person of interest due to alleged threats directed towards President Biden.

Per an official statement from the FBI, the occurrence transpired at 6:15 a.m., a few miles south of Salt Lake City. Two days before this operation, Robertson had taken to social media, hinting at his intentions to target President Biden during his visit to Utah.

In his posts, he mentioned his plan to assemble a “ghillie suit,” a type of camouflage attire, and to ready his “m24 sniper rifle” for action.

“Presidential Assassination”

Through an examination of court records, investigators revealed that Robertson possessed a long-range sniper rifle and other weaponry. He had made previous allusions to a potential “presidential assassination.”

Court documents revealed Robertson’s alarming rhetoric, which targeted other officials, including Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, and New York Attorney General Letitia James.

These threats were purportedly in response to their involvement in the legal proceedings against former President Donald Trump.

One ominous Facebook post from September 2022 read, “The time is right for a presidential assassination or two. First Joe, then Kamala!!!”

More Details Anticipated To Be Disclosed

Despite ongoing investigations, immediate legal representation for Robertson has yet to be identified.

The circumstances that led to the fatal shooting of Robertson are presently being examined by the FBI, with more details anticipated to be disclosed in due course.

According to an allegedly obtained report from NBC News, “The incident began when special agents attempted to serve arrest and search warrants at a residence. The subject is deceased.”

President Biden Persists in His Tour

In the meantime, President Biden persists in his tour of the Western United States. Following his address to an audience at a wind tower production factory in New Mexico, his next stop is in Utah.

His agenda encompasses discussions surrounding the PACT Act, which focuses on expanding veteran benefits, at a Veterans Affairs hospital, and attending a fundraising event for his reelection campaign.

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