Victoria Secret Net Worth, History, Founders (Updated)

Victoria’s Secret specializes in clothing, lingerie, and beauty products. It has a reputation for strong branding and marketing, beginning with a famous catalog than a fashion show featuring supermodels named Angels. 

Despite being the country’s largest lingerie retailer, since 2016 its fortunes have been impacted by changing consumer preferences as well as the controversy surrounding the company’s leadership.

Victoria Secret Net Worth

Victoria’s Secret has an estimated net worth of nearly $11.57 billion. 

Victoria Secret brand history

Roy and Gaye Raymond founded the company in 1977. In 1982, Leslie Wexner acquired the five lingerie stores of the company. Wexner entered the American mall business rapidly, eventually opening 350 stores nationwide and making $1 billion in sales in the early 1990s during which Victoria’s Secret became the nation’s leading retailer of lingerie.

Between 1995 and 2018, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show dominated the company’s image, which featured a runway show featuring models marketed as fantasy Angels. During the 1990s, Victoria’s Secret expanded into shopping malls and introduced the “miracle bra”, a new brand known as Body by Victoria, and launched a fragrance and cosmetic line. 

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PINK was announced by Victoria’s Secret in 2002, a brand designed exclusively for teens. Since 2008, Victoria’s Secret has been expanding overseas, opening storefronts in international airports, franchising in major cities abroad, and operating stores in major cities of Canada and the United Kingdom.