Victoria’s Secret Model Documents Her Terminally Ill Grandmother’s Choice to Die – Bubbie’s Euthanasia Journey

A Victoria’s Secret model has explained the significance of documenting the final days she spent with her terminally ill grandmother, who chose euthanasia to end her life. 

Bubbie’s Euthanasia Journey

In a series of emotional TikTok videos, Ali Tate Cutler shared her grandmother’s decision and emphasized the importance of honoring life by being aware of death.

Cutler’s grandmother, referred to as Bubbie, decided to seek euthanasia in Canada after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Cutler expressed her love for her grandmother and emphasized the need to cherish and respect elders. She shared videos of their activities together during the last days, including a TikTok trend and a dinner outing.

Cutler wanted to make the week as memorable as possible for her grandmother, who wanted to avoid unnecessary suffering in her final moments.

Choosing Her Own Path in Death

Cutler and her family, despite not being proponents of euthanasia previously, supported her grandmother’s decision based on the principles of body sovereignty and autonomy. 

They believed in allowing individuals to choose their own path and departure from the world.

Recognizing the difficulty of spending the final moments with her grandmother, Cutler tried to maintain a positive outlook for her Bubbie.

She expressed her sadness and the impending farewell, while emphasizing the healing power of being able to cry together.

Exiting Life with Dignity

The model decided to share these videos on TikTok to highlight the beauty of witnessing someone make their own choices and exit life with dignity.

She wanted to challenge the societal norm of discussing death only after losing a loved one, and encouraged celebrating and discussing life while people are still alive.

Cutler used her social media platform to address the lack of conversation around death and foster open dialogue. She recognized that death is a universal human experience that deserves discussion. 

Cutler believed that her videos sparked a valuable cultural conversation on TikTok, contrasting the content of lesser substance often found on the platform.

Shifting Perspectives

While initially divided on the ethical morality of euthanasia, Cutler’s experience with her grandmother shifted her perspective.

She now advocates for the option and choice of euthanasia, highlighting the need for open dialogue and discussion on the topic.

In addition to sharing her own experiences, Cutler shared her grandmother’s thoughts on euthanasia.

Her grandmother expressed that the date was like a “light at the end of a tunnel” and discussed the process and safeguards involved in seeking euthanasia in Canada.

Cherishing Life

Cutler’s grandmother also offered advice for young people, emphasizing the importance of laughter, having fun, cherishing loved ones, expressing love, and living life with openness and honesty.

The videos sparked debate on TikTok, with some praising Cutler for sharing her emotional journey, while others criticized the choice.

Cutler defended her decision, stating that her intention was to open up a cultural conversation about death and challenge the taboos surrounding it.

“It’s often remarked that going out on your own terms is the best way. I wish your grandmother well, in whatever comes next,” one user said. 

Challenging Uncomfortable Discussions

“Why would you publicize this? So wrong,” another wrote.

Reflecting on the responses, Cutler identified two main themes. The first was discomfort with discussing death due to societal norms and fear of mortality. 

The second was discomfort with the concept of euthanasia, which raised questions about control, morality, and the afterlife.

Cutler acknowledged her previous views were changed by her grandmother’s decision, and emphasized the importance of respecting individuals’ choices and bodily autonomy.

An Outpouring of Love

She encouraged further exploration of the topic and personal contemplation of mortality and the right to make decisions about one’s own body.

Cutler expressed gratitude for the outpouring of love and shared stories from viewers.

She urged those with undecided opinions to engage with dying individuals and consider whether they believe in the right to dictate others’ choices.

She emphasized the need for agency in final days and highlighted the importance of discussing and exploring the option of euthanasia.

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