“Complete Arrogance and Disdain for the Common People” – Vintage Video of Biden Didn’t Age Well

Thousands of Redditors recently converged to comment on a resurfaced video clip featuring President Joe Biden from his 1987 presidential campaign. The footage, capturing a moment of heated dialogue between Biden and a constituent, has sparked a wave of reactions, quickly becoming a hot topic of discussion on the platform.

The Controversial Footage of Biden

The clip opens with a constituent asking a seemingly straightforward question: “What law school did you attend, and where did you place in that class?” Before the questioner can continue, Biden curtly responds with a dismissive, “Who cares.”

However, he doesn’t stop there. Biden proceeds to assert his academic achievements, stating, “I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do, I suspect. I went to law school on a full academic scholarship, the only one in my class that had a full academic scholarship.” 

Questionable Claims

He goes on to detail a rocky start in law school, claiming he didn’t want to be in law school initially, and so ranked in the bottom two-thirds of his class but later rebounded when he decided he wanted to stay at law school to secure a place in the top half. 

Biden even boasts about winning an international moot court competition and being named the outstanding student in the political science department.

He finishes his outburst by saying, “I graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school and 165 credits – I only needed 123 credits. And I’d be delighted to sit down and compare my IQ to yours if you’d like, Frank.”

President’s Lapses of Memory

As the clip unfolds, a reporter interjects with a fact-checking revelation. Newsweek had reported that Biden did not graduate in the top half of his law school class, did not possess three undergraduate degrees, and was not named the outstanding political science student. 

According to their findings, Biden attended school on a half scholarship, placed near the bottom of his class, and earned just one degree, not three. 

The news report concludes with a pertinent comment considering the current discourse around Biden: “Now Biden says Newsweek is right – his memory had failed him.”

Criticism of Biden’s Attitude

Redditors from across the political spectrum chimed in on the video and its revelations. Some expressed shock at the President’s claims, while others criticized his apparent exaggerations.

One commenter noted, “Aside from the lying, which is never-ending with him, who speaks to their constituents like that? Complete arrogance and disdain for the common people.”

Several Redditors pointed out the audacity of making unverified claims, with one saying, “Spoken with the confidence of someone who doesn’t realize those claims can be checked.”

Some Support Biden Despite Concerns

In a testament to the current political climate, some acknowledged their reservations but expressed a willingness to support Biden over other options. One comment read, “Look, nobody asked for this man to be President. Not even Democrats. But I’d rather have him over the other guy.”

This is not an uncommon opinion, as a recent poll by NBC indicated that, while voters were troubled by Biden’s age, 1-in-5 voters would still vote for him over Trump.

Some took a broader view, regretting the state of American politics and the limited choices in presidential elections. 

Lamenting Limited Choices

One commenter wrote, “It sucks that the last and next presidential election isn’t about who is the best candidate, it’s about who is the least [bad].”

One dejected user remarked, “Fun Fact: All politicians are liars.”

Amidst the discussions, some found a silver lining in Biden’s acknowledgment of his past mistakes. As one Redditor put it, “He apparently had massive insecurity and a chip on his shoulder when younger, no excuses, but at least he owns his own mistakes and never doubled down on this.”

This controversial video has not only sparked a flurry of reactions on Reddit but has also reignited debates about transparency and truthfulness in politics.

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