Flag Burning and Violent Clashes in NYC When Anti-Migrant Protest Got Out of Control – Antifa and the NYPD Blamed

At an anti-migrant rally, protestors clashed from both sides, with Trump supporters violently coinciding with Antifa, leading to countless arrests.

Rally Outside Mayoral Mansion 

An anti-migrant rally outside New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ Gracie Mansion residence turned violent as Trump supporters clashed with counter-protesters. 

The clash marked a stark escalation in the ongoing debate surrounding the city’s response to the influx of migrants from the southern border.

The rally drew a sizable crowd, with thousands of people converging outside Gracie Mansion to voice their opinions on handling the migrant crisis. 

Among them were vocal Trump supporters and counter-protesters advocating for migrants’ rights, setting the stage for a dramatic and emotionally charged confrontation.

Surge of Migrants

The backdrop of the rally was a staggering surge of migrants arriving in the city, totaling around 100,000 individuals from the southern border. 

Mayor Eric Adams responded to the influx by opening more than 200 shelters across all five boroughs of New York City, intended to provide emergency housing for the newly arrived migrants. Still, their presence became a flashpoint for heated discussions and disagreements.

Tensions quickly escalated as violent Trump supporters and passionate pro-migrant protesters clashed outside Gracie Mansion, leading to violent physical altercations with arrests swiftly being made.

Arrests Were Made

Amid the chaos, Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels and a former mayoral candidate, emerged as a central figure in the protest; his fiery speeches and charismatic presence further fueled the already charged atmosphere before a shocking twist.

As the clashes intensified, law enforcement intervened and made several arrests, including Curtis Sliwa. 

Sliwa claimed an elderly woman, Coletta, who emigrated to the States from Casablanca, was also detained at the rally.

He also claimed another elderly couple was arrested alongside him, claiming they were “Treated like Trump and Guiliani being fingerprinted and photographed for a desk appearance ticket.”

Migrants “Jumping the Queue”

Curtis Sliwa used his platform to passionately criticize Mayor Adams’ approach to the migrant crisis, accusing Adams of lacking a comprehensive plan and expressing his concerns about the impact on local residents.

“Nobody is opposed to immigration as long as it’s done the right way!” He exclaimed to the public.

Sliwa seized the opportunity to address the contentious issue of migrants allegedly “jumping the queue” ahead of others in need, criticizing the preferential treatment migrants were receiving. 

Burning the Flag

Amid the chaotic scene, a protester’s attempt to burn the American flag and stomp on it further ignited emotions. 

Curtis Sliwa’s history of activism came into focus as news of his arrest spread. This wasn’t his first run-in with the law, as he was arrested at a protest in an abandoned Queens psychiatric center two weeks ago.

Sliwa accused both Antifa and the NYPD of failing to control the situation, shifting the blame from his side to the authorities and the anti-fascist organization.

Sliwa expressed his intention to run for mayor again in 2025, determined to bring change to the city’s leadership.

Exceeding Expectations

Sliwa put forth an alternative solution to address the migrant issue using Riker’s Island to provide migrants with a transitional period before making their way into the city, “There are empty buildings, lots of land, there’s a bridge that takes them in, and out, they stay on the island six months,’ he said. 

The housing of migrants in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park added another layer of controversy to the situation. 

With the number of migrants far exceeding expectations, the city’s shelter system faced overwhelming demand. 

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