“We Are Not Alone” – ‘Freeze-Dried ET’ Brought to Congress, Along With UFO “Experts”

With Halloween just around the corner, the Mexican Congress got to see a horror show up close recently. The whole display left an American UFO expert shaking his head in disgust. Here’s what happened.

Freeze-Dried ET

During its September session, Mexico’s Congress gave the floor to journalist Jaime Maussan. He showed up with a few unusual friends.

Along with Maussan were two other men and a couple of large wooden boxes with handles on each side. There was no mistaking that these were caskets.

Then, as Maussan began to speak, the two men went about popping open the coffins to reveal their contents.

Inside each coffin was a pale, scrawny body that looked like a freeze-dried version of E.T.

A UFO Expert 

And that’s pretty much what they were, according to Maussan, who also fancies himself a UFO expert.

Despite how the bodies looked, Maussan said, they were not mummies. Instead, they were complete bodies that hadn’t been touched since they were discovered.

That happened in Peru back in 2017, Maussan claims. He says they were found deep beneath the sands somewhere near the area of the famed Nazca Lines.

Another of Maussan’s tag-a-longs at the congressional hearing in September was forensics expert José de Jesús Zalce Benítez.

“All-Seeing Eyes”

Benítez showed scans of the bodies to Congress and told them what the images meant. Basically, what he described were high-functioning beings with big brains, all-seeing eyes, and no need for food.

Maussan went on to show videos of Mexican pilots surprised by unexplained objects jetting past them in the sky.

The journalist was even able to get Congress to invite Ryan Graves to the proceedings. Graves is no stranger to this type of testimony.

In fact, Graves has become one of the faces of renewed interest in the United States.

“A Step Backwards”

 A former Navy fighter pilot, he has come forward to talk about some of the strange experiences he’s had in the sky.

Along with two other U.S. veterans, Graves testified before the American congressional subcommittee looking into UFOs.

But after giving his remarks in Mexico and witnessing the rest of the spectacle that Maussan put on, Graves was disappointed and even seemed a little embarrassed.

Taking to Twitter (X) the day after he testified, Graves said, “Unfortunately, yesterday’s demonstration was a huge step backward for this issue.”

“We Are Not Alone”

Graves went on to say that all of his testimony was based on personal experience and that he took the matter of unexplained aircraft very seriously.

Of the Maussan’s show before the Mexican Congress, Graves finished up with, “I am deeply disappointed by this unsubstantiated stunt.”

Stunt or not, Maussan had one simple parting shot for Congress: “We are not alone.”

That’s easy to say when you carry around two little white, pasty beings with you wherever you go.

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