Wedding Photogate – Her Sister-In-Law Edited Out of All Photos Because She Was Middle Eastern and “Was Too Dark and Threw off the Color Scheme of the Photos”, so She Ousted Her on Instagram

A frustrated and outraged woman whipped Redditors into a frenzy after she exposed her sister-in-law’s racist behavior. Now the SIL is worried her career could be in jeopardy. Here is the full story.

His Family Is White, She’s Middle Eastern

OP is a 27-year-old woman with her 32-year-old boyfriend for several years. She has been close to his family during that time and even considers his sister, her sister-in-law.

She is of Middle Eastern descent, with dark skin and jet-black hair. Her boyfriend’s family is all white.

Recently, OP’s 30-year-old sister-in-law got married. While planning the wedding, she sought a photographer who wouldn’t charge an arm and a leg.

OP just happened to have a friend who was trying to break into the photography business. She introduced him to her sister-in-law, and they agreed on a deal for the wedding.

They All Celebrated the Wedding

The wedding came and went without a hitch, and OP enjoyed herself and spending time with the family. She took part in several group photos and thought everything was fine.

The next day, OP’s sister-in-law and her new husband went on their honeymoon.

But on their way, the SIL sent a message to the group chat that OP had set up to introduce the other woman to the photographer in the first place.

OP now assumes her sister-in-law accidentally sent her message to the group rather than texting the photographer directly.

Her SIL Wanted Her Removed From ALL the Wedding Photographs

In the text, the new bride asked the photographer if he could fix some things in a few photos. And if he could remove OP from all the photos she was in with the bride.

According to the sister-in-law, OP was too dark and threw off the color scheme of the photos.

Outraged, OP texted back and asked her sister-in-law if she was kidding.

When the other woman didn’t respond, OP took a screenshot of the original message and posted it to Instagram, tagging her SIL.

Was It a Low Blow? She Didn’t Care

That set off a firestorm, starting when OP’s sister-in-law called her brother, crying about how OP had ruined her honeymoon.

He told OP that the post was a low blow, and they wanted her to take it down.

But OP refused, and friends and family contacted her and her sister-in-law in the aftermath.

Some of the sister-in-law’s friends have even contacted OP to tell her that the other woman has been talking about her behind her back for a long time.

Her Boyfriend Has Never Shown a Hint of Racism

And OP also learned that other family members have removed her from group pictures over the years.

OP’s sister-in-law runs a small business, and some of her clients are from other countries. She’s freaking out because she thinks she might lose business, but OP doesn’t see that as her problem.

OP says that her boyfriend has never shown even a hint of racism. However, she’s really concerned that he knew his family was cutting her out of pics and never said anything.

OP has told him she never wants anything to do with his sister again.

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