“What a Clown Show” – Is “Wokeness” in the Military Causing a Major Recruiting Crisis?

Experts have slammed recent claims that “woke” policies within the Pentagon are the primary cause of a massive U.S. military recruiting crisis. Here’s the full story.

Low Recruitment Cause: Drug Use, Obesity, or DEI?

Duke University professor and former National Security Council member, Peter Feaver, argues that while the “woke” narrative has dominated discussions, the real drivers of the crisis lie elsewhere, including factors like the evolving labor market and a shrinking group of qualified young Americans.

Feaver says that the pool of eligible candidates for military service has significantly decreased over the past few years due to issues such as drug use, obesity, and health concerns.

He explained that these factors have played a pivotal role in the recruiting crisis, creating a smaller and more competitive pool for military recruitment efforts.

“The Big Driver Is the Economy…”

Feaver’s recent book, “Thanks For Your Service,” underscores the central role that the politicization of the military by both political parties has played in eroding public trust in the military.

A Gallup poll from July revealed that confidence in the military stands at 60%, a significant drop from previous years. “The big driver is the economy … the difficulty of persuading young people to go into the military and make a lot of sacrifices,” Feaver said.

“They could get the same job and benefits in the civilian world and make fewer sacrifices, so that’s a tough market to recruit from. But we’re not helping when we politicize the military in this way,” he added.

Politicization Damages the Military’s Image

However, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth shared that the perception of the military becoming “woke” has contributed to the recruiting challenges. Wormuth explained that politicization also damages the military’s image, making it harder to attract potential recruits.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have also raised concerns about diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, arguing that they have diverted focus from core military training.

However, Feaver suggests that while some left-leaning talking points may have found their way into military training, these instances are not representative of the military as a whole. He argues that only a small fraction of training time is dedicated to such programs.

Feaver Encourages a “Balanced Discourse”

Furthermore, Feaver highlights that claims of far-right extremism within the military are also exaggerated, with rigorous tests revealing a very low incidence. Feaver advocates for a more nuanced approach in discussions about the military.

He urges politicians and the public to exercise caution in their rhetoric, emphasizing the importance of granting the military non-combatant immunity in cultural debates.

Feaver believes that both Republicans and Democrats can contribute to resolving the recruiting crisis by adopting a more balanced discourse that transcends partisan divisions.

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the discussion.

“We Have Military Vets Homeless”

One Twitter user wrote, “The pay sucks, we have military vets homeless, and some of them can’t get treated for mental and physical illnesses. So I’m not surprised nobody wants to join the military.”

Another user added, “DEI weakened the military, making us easy pickings for our enemies. A General who promises to soul-search his “white rage” and a male Admiral who thinks he’s a woman, promoting the sterilization/mutilation of children. What a clown show.”

A third user commented, “I don’t know a single conservative young white man anymore who will join the military. They do not want to be part of an organization that hates them for being a white male — but has no problem sending them to the front lines to die.”

A fourth user wrote, “I’ll throw another factor in — Americans young and old realize that most wars hoisted upon our military are based on lies and only benefit the “elite” and swamp. America is tired of throwing its youth at wars that won’t or can’t be won. Being called a hero is no longer enough.”

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