When a Hawaiian Vacation Turns into a ‘Monkey’ of a Mystery: TikToker’s Itchy Predicament!

This TikToker went on a vacation to Hawaii, only to wake up one morning to a terrifying realization. His legs were covered in red marks, including a devastating rash! The man claims to have been bitten by a number of nasty bugs, but viewers are worried that he’s contracted the monkeypox virus.

Mysterious Bug Bites Covering His Entire Body

One user, Francisco Almaraz, @franciscoalmaraz_, shares a terrifying ordeal that unfolded during his Hawaiian vacation.

Almaraz claims to have woken up on a random sidewalk with mysterious bug bites covering his entire body, leaving viewers in disbelief.

The TikTok has already reached 1.5 million views, with commenters flooding the video, expressing their concerns.

Their worries aren’t about the “bug bites” though; viewers believe this man has something far worse.

Widespread Panic

“PLS ISOLATE PLS I DONT WANT IT HERE PLS,” one anxious user pleaded, reflecting the widespread panic among viewers.

Users believe Almarez has the dreaded monkeypox virus sweeping the United States.

Alarmed viewers urged Almaraz to seek medical attention, with some raising the possibility of the rare monkeypox virus.

“@monkeypox,” one user jokingly commented, while another asked, “Who is gonna tell him?”


Symptoms of this highly contagious disease include a rash resembling pimple or blister-like sores.

In a follow-up video, Almaraz finally reveals the issue.

He reveals that he does not have monkeypox and also provides an explanation for his distressing bug bites.

Almaraz believes he was bitten by sand fleas, also known as sand crabs, which burrow beneath the sand during the day and surface at night.

“I Honestly Still Don’t Know What It Was”

Almaraz clarified that none of the people he had been in contact with experienced similar symptoms.

“I honestly still don’t know what it was,” Almaraz confesses in his follow-up TikToks.

Do you believe that these are harmless bug bites? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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