When Bullies Egg Your Ride, But Dad’s Marine Training Scrambles Their Plans!

Everyone knew each other in the small community where Jimmy lived, and kids often played in the streets and at the neighborhood pool. 

The Neighborhood Bullies

Not long after the school year began, a couple of mischievous middle school siblings started to bother Jimmy’s younger brother.

The two youngsters weren’t particularly harmful, but their actions, like taking away his backpack on the bus or stealing his toys at the pool, became a continuous annoyance.

In addition, they resorted to name-calling, adding to his little brother’s distress.

Feeling helpless, Jimmy’s brother confided in him about these bullies. Being in college and considerably older, Jimmy decided he’d do his best to stick up for his brother and intervene.

He Loved His 2021 Toyota Camry TRD V6

The next time the two young bullies crossed their path at the pool, Jimmy took a few minutes to chew them out for their behavior. The reaction was immediate – the siblings were so nervous they seemed genuinely scared.

For a brief period, their antics ceased, but it wasn’t long before their mischief found a new target: Jimmy.

Jimmy had a particular soft spot for his car, a 2021 Toyota Camry TRD V6. This wasn’t just any car. He had spent years saving for it, and with the assistance of his parents, he had recently purchased it – it was his most treasured possession.

He owned another older car, a gift from his father during high school, but his Camry TRD was special. It was so special that Jimmy would wash it nearly every weekend, a fact that every neighbor was aware of.

… And It Was Covered With Dripping Yolks and Scattered Eggshells!

On this particularly scorching day in Atlanta, with temperatures reaching up to 97 degrees, Jimmy was in the final stages of waxing his car.

Taking a short break, he went inside his house for a quick glass of water. But when he returned, a shocking scene awaited him.

In the glaring sun stood his beautiful car, now covered with dripping yolks and scattered eggshells! He spotted the two brothers in the distance, an empty egg carton in hand, laughing and running away.

Fury clouded Jimmy’s vision. The car he had just spent hours washing and waxing was now a mess. The only relief was that they hadn’t damaged the paint, but his patience had run thin.

He Decided To Address the Bullies

Deciding to address the issue head-on, he drove his car, still smeared with eggs, to the young kid’s home.

Jimmy knocked on their door, and their father answered. In the past, interactions with this family had been less than friendly, but as Jimmy explained the day’s events, the father’s expression darkened.

When the dad noticed Jimmy’s car, he looked FURIOUS. Towering and built like a linebacker, this guy was a Marine veteran.

With a voice that could stop a stampede, he called his older son and demanded he and his brother come home IMMEDIATELY.

As Punishment, They Were Made To Do Pushups in the Street

Their dad had the voice of a drill sergeant, and when they arrived, his booming voice reduced them to tears within seconds!

As a bizarre but effective punishment, he made them perform push-ups right outside their home with Jimmy and him watching.

Then he escorted his kids to Jimmy’s place for a surprise.

The next four hours saw the siblings scrubbing, rinsing, and polishing Jimmy’s car under their father’s watch, correcting them whenever they missed a spot!

… And Clean His Car!

By the time they finished, the car was spotless and shiny as a diamond!

Before departing, the father made sure his kids apologized to Jimmy one final time for what they’d done.

And while it was a massive inconvenience to Jimmy’s Saturday, he still felt like it was a win since he knew those slimy bullies would think twice before messing with him or his family again!

What do you think about Jimmy’s revenge? What would you have done in his situation?

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