When ‘Hold the Ketchup’ Means ‘Decorate the Table’ and ‘Tip’ is Code for ‘Heartfelt Insults’ at Hooters!

Unfortunately for TikToker @keylamxo, she experienced the worst of humanity when a table acted rudely and failed to leave a tip after settling their bill, not only that, they also wrote disgraceful notes on the receipt and even sprayed ketchup everywhere!

“Here’s One of the Many Times That a Customer Made Me Cry While I Worked at Hooters”

The TikToker, a former Hooters waitress, Ashley, took to TikTok to share her horrifying customer story.

Ashley’s video has gained over 375,000 likes and a staggering 3.3 million views.

“Here’s one of the many times that a customer made me cry while I worked at Hooters,” Ashley emotionally expressed.

On the screen was a picture of the receipt showing a hateful expletive directed toward Ashley in the tip section.

They Overindulged

The note also shows a picture of a raised middle finger.

The TikToker recounted that a girl she knew from high school visited the restaurant with her family to celebrate her father’s birthday.

During the gathering, the group, consisting of five adults and four children, ordered food and indulged in 25 shots of Don Julio, each priced at $18.

When the time came to settle the bill, the mother expressed shock at the amount.

“Like, Ma’Am, I Just Work Here. I Am Not Pocket-Watching. I Do Not Know How Much Is in Your Bank Account”

She told the TikToker that she would have left a tip if she had been warned about the high tab.

Reflecting on the situation, the TikToker responded, “Like, ma’am, I just work here. I am not pocket-watching. I do not know how much is in your bank account.”

Before leaving, a group member deliberately sprayed ketchup all over the table and knocked over the drinks.

Some of the TikToker’s regular customers came to her rescue, lifting her spirits.

“If You Warned Her About the Tab Getting High, She Would Have Said You Insulted Her and Left No Tip Because of That”

In a follow-up video, she showcased two bills from the next day, showing generous tips of $100 and $110 from these loyal fans, aiming to restore her faith in humanity.

In this comment, one user stuck up for the family, “Not being cheap at all, but I definitely disagree that somebody should HAVE to tip someone. As long as they have money for the food, that’s what matters.”

Other users quickly put them down, “If u can’t afford to tip, don’t go out to eat.”

“If you warned her about the tab getting high, she would have said you insulted her and left no tip because of that,” Another user argued.

Do you think tips should be mandatory? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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