When Pronouns Clash with Past Traumas – A Pronoun Plight of Past Pain versus Present Identity!

One person finds themselves in a shocking situation and accused of being transphobic by a gender-fluid friend. Morgan, a supporter of trans rights, accidentally referred to a friend with the wrong pronoun, to which the friend ended up storming out, accusing Morgan of being transphobic. Now, Morgan has turned to Reddit to seek advice.

The Ability Switch Between Dresses and Suits

Meet Morgan, a 30-year-old individual who claims to support the LGBTQ+ community. He aims to understand and accept everyone.

On this occasion, Morgan refuses to use his friend’s correct pronouns for personal reasons. Morgan’s friend group includes a vibrant and expressive individual named Riley, who is genderfluid at 22.

Morgan respects Riley’s ability to switch between dresses and suits. Everything seemed fine until Riley announced a change in pronouns.

Riley no longer wanted to be referred to as “they/them” but preferred the pronouns “It” and “It’s.” This revelation struck a nerve with Morgan, as it reminded him of a painful period in his own life.

He Was Bullied and Called “It”

During their school days, Morgan faced severe bullying and was reduced to being called “It” instead of his name.

The memories of that hurtful time resurfaced, making it difficult for Morgan to use the same pronouns for Riley. He didn’t want to upset Riley or trigger the pain he had experienced.

Morgan decided that instead of using the requested pronouns, he would simply used Riley’s name when referring to them.

This way, Morgan believed he could treat Riley with respect while avoiding the discomfort of using pronouns that echoed his past trauma.

He Was Terrified of Using the Wrong Pronouns

Morgan now realizes he should have discussed his concerns with Riley, acknowledging that communication was key.

A slip-up occurred recently when Morgan introduced Riley to someone using the wrong pronouns. Riley, visibly upset, confronted Morgan in front of the group, questioning his lack of compliance.

Morgan caught off guard, attempted to explain his story, but Riley was still clearly disappointed. The conversation ended with Riley storming off and accusing Morgan of transphobia, creating tension within the group.

Is Morgan really transphobic? He’s turned to the online community to find answers.

“Riley Sounds Exhausting To Be Around”

Users suggest that Riley is the problem, saying “Riley sounds exhausting to be around. Riley also seems to only care about Riley and has zero empathy for someone else’s trauma.”

Another believes Riley uses it for attention, “Main character syndrome knows no race nor birth gender assignment.”

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