When ‘Wokeness’ Takes the Mic – Cori Bush’s Explosive Accusation Shakes the Halls of Congress!

In a recent session of Congress, Representative Cori Bush made headlines when she interrupted a colloquy between Majority Leader Steve Scalise and House Minority Whip Katherine Clark. Here’s what happened.

“Your Bills Are Racist!”

Her impassioned interruption accused Scalise of championing “racist” appropriations bills, sparking both controversy and a renewed focus on the role of race in legislative discussions.

The incident occurred during a debate over GOP-backed appropriations bills, as Scalise and Clark discussed the merits of the proposed legislation.

During this exchange, Bush seized the opportunity to voice her concerns.

As Scalise returned the floor to Clark, Bush bellowed, “Your bills are racist!”

“We Hope That You Will Say No to Extremism, To Hatred, to the Bigotry”

The accusation rippled through the chamber, leading to scattered shouts and chatter from fellow representatives.

Amidst the chaos, one member urgently exclaimed, “Mr. Speaker, the House is not in order!” before the order was restored, allowing Clark to continue.

When Clark resumed the floor, she aligned herself with Bush’s viewpoint, albeit in a less explosive manner.

Clark said, “We hope that you will say no to extremism, to hatred, to the bigotry that is put into these appropriation bills, and say yes to solutions and fairness for the American people and to build an economy where they can see themselves.”

“Anti-Woke” Implies Opposition to Black Voices Advocating for Justice and Equality

This is not the first time Bush has stirred controversy with her forceful statements.

Earlier this summer, during a committee hearing, she challenged the term “anti-woke” by asserting that it implies opposition to black voices advocating for justice and equality.

In her impassioned remarks, Bush linked the term to racism and white supremacy, arguing that its usage undermines the movement’s progress.

She defended the significance of being “woke” and called out those who would attempt to redefine its meaning.

“She’s Not Afraid, I Love Her”

Her direct approach and willingness to confront sensitive subjects have earned praise and criticism.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “She’s not afraid, I love her.”

Another user commented, “The most racist people of all are the Democrats who are constantly accusing others of being racist. It’s so obvious it’s pathetic!”

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