Where Did Trump Bury His Ex-Wife? Eric Insists It Proves Daddy Has a “Heart of Gold”

Eric Trump praised his father, Donald Trump, for burying his ex-wife, Ivana Trump, at the New Jersey Trump National Golf Club Bedminster which prompted backlash online. 

Trump’s “Heart of Gold”

Eric Trump praises his father, former President Donald Trump, for his support during the passing of Eric’s mother, Ivana Trump.

Donald Trump decided to have Ivana Trump buried at the New Jersey Trump National Golf Club Bedminster family plot.

Eric Trump commends his father’s kindness, describing him as an “amazing” man with a “heart of gold.”

Eric acknowledges the incredible support his father provided during a challenging period.

Memorial Site Condition

Donald Trump expressed his desire to have Ivana Trump’s final resting place at the family plot.

Social media users note the unkempt state of Ivana Trump’s memorial site at Bedminster, with overgrown weeds and obscured signage.

Eric Trump’s appreciation for his father’s gesture draws attention to the extraordinary nature of the act.

The decision to have Ivana Trump buried at Bedminster showcases Donald Trump’s thoughtful side.

Recognition of Trump’s Thoughtfulness

Commenters acknowledge that many people wouldn’t typically make such arrangements for their ex-spouses.

Eric’s comments resonate with those who see the act as considerate and thoughtful.

Ron Filipkowski of Meidas Touch shares a segment of Eric Trump’s interview on Twitter.

The Twitter post prompts various comments from users about the condition of Ivana Trump’s memorial site.

A Unique Gesture

Comments on the post highlight the exceptional nature of Donald Trump’s decision.

Several commenters point out the challenges of maintaining Ivana Trump’s memorial site.

Eric’s comments offer insights into the character of his father, Donald Trump.

The burial decision serves as a poignant example of Donald Trump’s actions during difficult times.

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