While Her World Crumbled, He Traveled With Friends: Boyfriend’s Heartless Betrayal Amidst Her Mother’s Illness!

This boyfriend had his vacation with friends turned upside down when he received a call from his girlfriend saying her mother had tragically suffered a stroke. Now acting as her mother’s carer, she feels the boyfriend didn’t do enough to support her through such a tough time.

Her Mom’s Stroke Devastated the Entire Family

Jenny and Mike had been dating for about a year and everything seemed perfect until something terrible happened.

Jenny’s mum had a stroke, leaving the whole family devastated, with Jenny taking responsibility for looking after her.

While Mike was away on vacation in a remote place with friends, he received the news.

Being physically distant and having limited ways to communicate, Mike tried to console Jenny, express his love, and offer help.

“I Thought I Was Doing Enough, but It Turns Out She Needed More”

He explains, “I thought I was doing enough, but it turns out she needed more.”

Shockingly, he said he, “Didn’t know what kind of support she wanted and how much of it to give since she didn’t tell me, and in any event I was away with friends and wanted to be present with them.”

Mike wanted to know if Jenny was upset, hoping to make things right. But her response hit him hard, she felt hurt, thinking he hadn’t supported her enough.

Mike tried to explain himself to Jenny, arguing that he did check in with her but struggled to know how much support she wanted.

“I Hope She Finds Someone Worth Her Time and Effort, You Sure Don’t”

The argument intensified, with both of them pointing fingers, and Mike defended his actions, saying he never valued his friends more than her.

But both of them knew that this was probably the end, “I can’t handle all the anger directed at me,” he confessed before storming out.

Now, Mike has turned to Reddit to seek advice and ask what he did wrong, with users not backing him at all, “Hopefully, the good news is that she now sees you more clearly and will avoid you as a potential husband/future father/partner,” One user boldly stated.

“I hope she finds someone worth her time and effort, you sure don’t,” Another user said, giving Mike a clear answer.

Are Reddit users being harsh or does Mike deserve what he’s being given? We want to know your thoughts in the comments.

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